Space sharing issues

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Purred: Tue Oct 2, '12 11:39am PST 
So, yay, finally got a bed that me and my boyfriend ca both sleep on! We've moved me out of my bedroom and into his, leaving my stuff in the original room. Apartments are small, bleh.

My cat, Slyvy, does NOT approve this at all. If I lie down first, no problem but if he lies first..she'll yowl and hiss until he gets up! She's even clawed at him!

She's always slept sweetly with me in bed and is not a normally aggressive cat.

We've tried having him wear a shirt that smelled like me,him giving her treats as they cuddle in bed. It all goes great, until the lights go out!



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Purred: Wed Oct 3, '12 6:51am PST 
Cats sure like routine and Slyvy doesn't seem to like the new one. I think she wants you all to herself. Angel Rocky Ann was like that with me. She hissed at my husband all the time. But at night sleeping she was fine in bed with us but did sleep on the end by me so I was in the middle.

Who feeds Slyvy? If it is you, you could have your boyfriend start feeding her in the morning so then she might be nicer to him the night before. It might be worth trying a Feliway Comfort ZoneĀ® Plug-In in that room to try to relax her. You can get them on amazon or any pet store.

Hope others have some more ideas for you. Good luck!!!

big hug


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Purred: Thu Oct 4, '12 8:57pm PST 
The Comfort Zone would be one of the first things I would try. It would calm her down a bit. We use it here on a continuous basis and boy can you tell a difference in behavior it it is allowed to run completely dry. Also, you might have your boyfriend feed her as was suggested by another poster. He might also try to play with her with her favorite toy and/or start a new game with her like hide and seek with treats. We play hide and seek here and use the feline 'Smart Bites".


I will rule the- world right- after a nap
Purred: Fri Oct 5, '12 2:57pm PST 
We both feed her. It's whoever is nearest the kitchen during dinner time so, we could try making it exclusively him.

I'll get the feli thing, does petco sell it?


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Purred: Sun Oct 7, '12 11:01am PST 
FELIWAY RULES!! Yes you can get it at Petco, but you can find it cheaper online at either Amazon, or Drs. Foster & Smith. I got one with an extra refill from them for less than Petco. For me it was a huge help. Tigger was upset between having a new kitten in the house, and some feral males hanging around. He would snap & hiss at Felix all the time. After the Feliway, he has been tolerating, and recently has actually let him share his food & gave Felix's face a quick wash. You cannot smell it at all either. Just be sure to plug it in the right side up - for some reason I plugged it in upside down & it dripped oil on the floor. woops
I thought it was leaking & called the company - they were so nice & actually sent me a refill for free!