Help! My cat is being a scoundrel

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Purred: Mon Sep 10, '12 10:45pm PST 
Nico is just over a year old. He has been neuter since four months old. My roommate has two cats. One is a five year old male (he has been neutered since 8 weeks). The other is a 4 year old female (she has been spayed since 8 weeks too).

All the animals get along fine for the most part. They don't fight over toys or food or anything.
The problem is Nico. He seems to have it in his little male brain that he is not neutered. On a regular basis he chases the female, corners her, and tries to mate with her. Sometimes, she brings it on herself by doing the female cat flirt and acting as if she wants him, but she never does.
(Sometimes the other male cat does the same thing).
What do I do?
I asked the vet about it and he'd never heard of neuter males acting like that. I asked my kitten breeder about it and she said sometimes neutered males will act as teaser toms to get females out of heat but that's normally toms that have been studs and then neutered.
It is causing much stress around her because we always have to save Yuna from him. (He's almost twice her size).


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I have read that sometimes they may miss some of the male tissue when neutering. I don't know how true this is. Maybe try Feliway or a calming collar. I know there are times when Smitty or Tigger get a little over the top & try to jump on Maizy, but they get retaliation from her that makes them very sorry they tried. If Yuma is being very submissive, he has no reason not to bully her a bit. Maybe try a spritz of water to him when he does that - something to distract & discoutage him. They may be able to tell with a blood test if he still is producing testosterone. If he had recently been neutered, I could see it, cause it does take a while to get out of their system - but you are talking more than 8 months since, so that cannot be it. Is he very active? Maybe he needs more playtime to wear him out. I wish I had more answers for you.