Cat sitting in own poop constantly

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My cat has picked up this nasty habit in the last 2 months, where she'll poop in her litter box, then sit in it and spread it through my entire apartment. I don't know why she does this, there are no other symptoms of anything being wrong.

Her litter and diet have not changed in the last 2 years, she gets plenty of attention, and there haven't been any other changes in routine since I adopted her.

For the last month, she's been using the largest litter box I could find at the store, so she should have more than enough room to move. I took her to the vet, and he gave her a clean bill of health as well.

If anyone has any advice, it would be greatly appreciated, thank you....

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How old is she? Have she been neutered? When she spreads her poop in other place, how places are there? Can you place another litter box where she poops?....What do you do when she does this?...It sounds like a behavioral issue. Since her diet hasn't changed, has her litter changed?
More information is needed please.

My vet has a behavioral background as well as biological perhaps you seek such a vet. .....If there is just one other place, you can either place a litter box there or food. Cats will not poop where they eat.

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Hi, thanks for the response.

Not sure how old she is, she was a stray when the shelter took her in. Best guess is 6-7 years old, definitely still young. She was fixed at the shelter.

She is not actually pooping outside the box, she poops in the box, but then sits in it, so it'll be stuck to her butt. (I actually managed to witness this for myself today, this might be an involuntary action on her part.)

As soon as I find her, I distract her with treats while trying to clean her as best as I can with warm wet paper towels.

Been using the same litter for the past 2 years.

Since I learned that this may be involuntary, I'll take her to a vet again. Since the current vet hasn't been a lot of help with this problem, I'll be sure to look for a new one with a behavioral background, thanks for that tip!


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my cat too has this problem, she sits on her poop. i thought i was accidental but after a few observations it has become a behavior of hers to sit on the poop in the litter box. so i keep watch when she starts to go to the box and do hr business, i immediately go to her and hold her tail up a bit so she can't sit on the poop. this has become our routine for months now but she has never learned not to sit on the poop til now. i didn't consider trimming her behind since it doesn't solve the problem. a possible solution though is to potty train her and replace the litter sand with just water just like in a toilet. i have modified her litter box to have a access hole big enough that she won't sit in and have the old used litter sand in. so far she pees on the access hole platform often missed the hole. and often she pees outside somewhere else. so i still return to her old litter box. my vet says its a behavioral problem and that i have to patiently train her, to this day i have no luck yet. i'd be happy to hear of your observations and working solutions.