Meowing at night - humans can't sleep

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My boyfriend and I just moved in together about three weeks ago and my kitty came along with us. I feel like he's adjusted pretty well so I don't think the meowing is part of the move because he was a nighttime meower before the move too.

He's used to my parents getting up at 5:30 and so he starts meowing at about 5 in the morning trying to get us up to play with him. We've spent the past three weeks ignoring him at night, playing with him before we go to bed to wear him out, making sure he has food to last him the night, etc... I feel like we're doing everything right but he still meows.

He's also been to the vet recently so its probably not a health issue either.

We don't know what to do, we haven't slept properly in three weeks and we're desperate to the point that we're considering giving him away (which is an incredibly painful debate). We're both in graduate school and not sleeping at night is having a incredibly negative impact on concentration and productivity.

I'm desperate for ideas. Please let me know if there's anything that we can do before we have to consider giving my meowman away.

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Oh and he is 2.5 years also, if its an age thing


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what about a timed feeder? I understand needing sleep, I really do, but you owe it to him to try & find a solution before just giving him away. The move along with someone new probably does have some effect. Cats do not like change. It is good you are tiring him out at night, but try the feeder, or make sure sure he has some toys that he can play with until you wake up.

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Meow fur sure, first off are you fixed? If so Meowma uses a water spray bottle.
Best of luck . I hope you will be able to let your pplz sleep soon!

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hi-I am much the same. I wake my pawrents at 4am-and if Daddy doesn't get up, I will pester him til he does. Then I let him know that I want him to pet me and I curl up beside he and Mommy.

I was alot more vocal at night before I wound up being dianosed with cat isses and now take medication that makes me sleepy so I sleep most of the night. That said I do sometimes still vocalize.

These are the things that have helped....with me and with my sisfur, who was also active....

1) provide a 'sanctuary' for your kitty to sleep...we had to do this for Princess when we first got her. We put her in a fairly good size cage with a cardboard box to 'hide/sleep' in with high sides. You could try that in your home-just the box. Or a tunnel, or something that is secure.

2)Is your cat an only cat? Because he may be lonely. Maybe a friend?

3) Cats, espeically young cats need alot of interactive play when their people are home-especially if they don't have a cat friend. I suggest a laser pointer, a cat dancer, one of those balls in the track with the cat post on it, a cat tree with sissel.

Mommy works full time and goes to grad school and has 6 of us! It could be worse...if you had a human kitten they make alot more noise and keep you up much more...

purrs for you and the kitty.