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Sometimes I pee in the box, sometimes I dont

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Pequena- (Sasha's- sister)

Purred: Sun Aug 26, '12 5:43pm PST 
Hi everyone,

my cat pequena sometimes pees in the box, and sometimes she pees just outside of it. Sometimes I see her go into the box but she doesnt go in far enough and ends up peeing just outside of it. Other times she pees completely out of the box, but it is always within a 2 foot perimeter of the box. So I keep a shower curtain that goes underneath and around the box. She never pees beyond the shower curtain.

It is so frustrating because I cant figure out why she does this. Sometimes she will go like 4 days without doing it and I think she wont do it anymore, then she does it again. She started doing it over a year ago when I had my other cat, Sasha, and I used to see Sasha sometimes would bully Pequena when she would try to use the box, so I think she would be scared to use it so she would pee right outside the box, or only go in the box a little bit but not far enough, and she would run out the box immediately after she was done. Sasha passed away 11 months ago so I dont understand why she still does it. No, there is nothing medically wrong with her either.

She always poops in the box, though. Anyone have any possible ideas as to why? Or what I could do to get her to stop doing it?

It is such a pain to clean off the shower curtain. I live in an apartment and I dont have a backyard or a hose to hose it down. I have to take it outside and wash it off with buckets of water or leave it hanging on my balcony hoping it will rain to wash it off.


The Pantalooned- Pink Panther
Purred: Sun Aug 26, '12 7:29pm PST 
I don't have an answer for you, but I do have a female cat that does the same thing. She stands up to pee, so needless to say, not much gets in the box! My male cat squats when he goes so he never misses. I asked my mom how her female cats "go" and she said they all squat. So, it isn't a male/female thing. I do know Cynder's kittenhood sucked. The people were lazy about cleaning the litter box and would just pour fresh litter over used litter when the smell got too bad. When I picked Cynder up to go home with me, you couldn't even see the litter box anymore, it was buried under used litter and poop. I was impressed that Mom cat and the kittens were at least attempting to go the bathroom where they knew they were suppose to go. It was to disgusting for them to actually stand in the box, so they'd stand near it and go, then run away because the man at the house kicked them if he saw them not going in the box. I'm pretty sure the reason why Cynder stands straight up when she pees is because of that. If I try to gently push her further into the box when she climbs in it, she runs and hides.

What I did is I got two rubbermaid totes, the kind that are made to slide under a bed, and push them against each other, side by side. That way, there is more surface area to go potty in. I also have a small plastic truck bed liner under the boxes with rugs around the litterboxes, so if she does still manage to miss, the rugs soak it up. I throw those in the washing machine and the liner stays clean enough to where I can clean it with all-purpose cleaner and a paper towel.

Pequena- (Sasha's- sister)

Purred: Thu Sep 13, '12 3:45pm PST 
I finally figured it out. Pequena will go outside the box if there is even a tiny bit of kitty litter outside the box. If I sweep up all the litter bits that fly out of the box two times a day she is good and doesnt pee outside though there was 1 time she still peed but it was only a little bit and it was RIGHT outside the box so I think that was just her not getting her backside far enough into the box to completely make it in the box