For those of you who have had their cats since they were kittens...

This is a place to gain some understanding of cat behavior and to assist people in training their cats and dealing with common behavior problems, regardless of the method(s) used. Keep in mind that you may be receiving advice from other cat owners and lovers...not professionals. If you have a major problem, always seek the advice of a trainer or behaviorist!

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Purred: Sat Sep 15, '12 7:05pm PST 
Coop will be four in a couple of weeks, and I adopted him as a kitten. I can't say that he's necessarily settled down because he's still VERY energetic, and loves to play.

He's always been affectionate, but I'm finding that he's even more so now. He'll randomly give a kiss, or reach for my hand and just hug it close to his chest.

And he's much more trusting than when he was younger. He used to hide when we had company, but now he slinks his way out after a few minutes, and solicits treats, attention and playtime from pretty much everyone.

With that trust, too, he's learned how to communicate with me. We have our little signals, and he lets me know exactly what he wants.

All of the wonderful things I loved about him as a kitten have really enhanced over the last four years. It's like he's become a better version of his lovable little kitten self. It's been nice to watch his progress...
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I had all of mine since they were kittens....well Natasha was just about one year old, I think.
Most of them did get quite affectionate as they get older unless they were not feeling well.
Alex has always been an big affectionate dude. Natasha got scared of him when she wasn't feeling well. It turned out to be a very serious cancer that she had. Alex couldn't figure out why she didn't want to play any more. He still loves to play. He is somewhat easy to bathe as I have been doing it every so often. He likes to roll in his litter every couple of months. Ben was fine until he got ill but he was played with roughly by the kids. We know more now and how the cats should be treated. My DH didn't thinks that they are small dogs. We use the wand more to play with them. I reward the capturing of the wand toy. They are kittens for such a short time. My Juliette is six months now but she is so full of energy and enthusiasm. She loves to cuddle every so often. She adores Alex who is nine. They play like kittens.....Even though they get bigger, you may always have a cat who has a kitten heart...

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