Is it a good idea to take cat in garden on harness or keep her in?

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Maisie Bella

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Purred: Mon May 28, '12 5:23am PST 
Hi, Need a little bit of advice please. Maisie is an indoor only cat. I have recently bought a harness thinking that it would be nice to take her for a little walk in the garden when the weather is nice. Another cat owner i was talking to said she didn't think this was a good idea as Maisie would be interested in going outside then and might want to get out every time the door is open. She's quite good with being indoors all the time now and she has never tried to get out - although i usually make sure I shut the doors quickly just in case. What do you think about taking her outside on a harness? Should I keep her indoors or let her have a bit of controlled freedom? (there are 3 neutered male cats who come in to my garden every day btw). Many thanks everyone x


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Purred: Mon May 28, '12 12:10pm PST 
Well, after I started taking Church out in the garden on a harness, he WAS more interested in the outdoors and in door leading outside. However he enjoyed going out on leash so much I still took him anyway.
He did escape out a door once but when I called him he came back thank goodness!

Mr D - D'boat #19

Purred: Tue May 29, '12 2:32am PST 
Tough one. If he does run outside it'll be good for him to know what the house looks like and what it feels like outside. Just in case he does get out he will be more at ease and easier to get back inside (hopefully) and won't go into a state of panic. But on the other hand what he doesn't know won't have him craving for it. That is a tough one I don't know if there is a right or wrong answer.

Hunter- *Dreamboat- #82*

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I'd say keep her in. My Hunter escapes a lot. He would love to be an outdoor kitty. I absolutely refuse. Just by him being outside for 3 minutes or so everytime he escapes, he now whines by the door every day. I now have to lock him in my bedroom with me every night just so he doesn't wake the whole house. I always say, once a cat gets the taste of the wild outdoors, there is no keeping them in.

My personal opinion, keep her inside.


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I agree with Hunter. Some cats once they go outside will continue to beg to go out. If she is a happy indoor kitty now, I would just keep it that way. Also when you let them outside you have to worry about fleas, mosquitoes, pesticides they might get on their paws and later lick off and bird droppings they could get diseases from. In my opinion it is safer to keep her inside.