Natalie is doing something strange! What does this mean?

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Purred: Tue May 22, '12 6:48am PST 
Ok folks,
I'm worried. Well, I'm stressed right now with many things, but this is a really worrisome thing.

About 2 weeks ago my husband was awakened by Natalie hissing and growling. We put it down to a ghost kitty we have in the house, or Simba visiting (he really did visit Ruffy and run across our windowsill on the outside and then dissapear).

But it's been happening every few nights.
Last night I was sitting in bed reading and Natalie was in her little bed beside me. No one else was in the room. Natalie was laying in the bed, her tail waving up and down. I had been talking with her and then got interested in a part of my book, when all of a sudden I heard her growl, do this little Rrrow! of ferociousness, and attack the tip of her tail!
It wasnt' play, it was weird. Then she was looking at her tail as though she didn't know what it was.

I didn't know what to do, so I immediately distracted her. I got her a 'stinky sock' toy stuffed with valarian we have for her, and I got out the wand with string on it and she played with me for 20 minutes or so.

I don't know what happened....or what this is about? Her tail isn't hurt or anything. She is eating, drinking, pooping normally, peeing. She is fed fancy feast classic and friskies pate. We did away with dry food for her because she seemed not to digest it well.

I'm going to get some rescue remedy....for all of us...but am wondering if anyone has any ideas?

This is not anything I've seen before!

We love our Natcat!


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Purred: Tue May 22, '12 2:15pm PST 
I think, because of her age, I would take her to the vet, and ask for the Senior blood panel. There is something extra they test for, forget now, what it is. She is an elderly kitty, and sometimes, like elderly people, they start to act different.

If you can, I would take her off, the friskies and fancy feast, they are both made by Purina, and they have had some awful issues lately. Blue Buffalo makes a senior food, its grain free, gluten free, by product free and soy free. Friskies and Fancy Feast are loaded with them, which is not good, for any kitty, let alone, a senior kitty.

Let us know, what the vet said. (((((((((((BIG HUGS)))))))))))