Aggressive cat sibling

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We adopted Quagmire about 2 weeks ago, and the process of introducing him to our other cat, Munchkin, seemed to have gone well, or so we thought. Munchkin is territorial, but so are most cats. They seemed to be getting along, until we came back home tonight. Quagmire has a scratch under his right eye. I know that he and Munchkin play rough, but we thought that if they don't get hurt, then it was nothing to worry about. Munchkin will sometimes hiss, but it's nothing like when they first met, like the first 12 hours.

But now we're freaking out a little bit. Are we overreacting? He doesn't look traumatized, since he still runs around and plays with his cat sister, but we don't want him to get more hurt.

- A worried kitty mom & dad

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It's probably not a big deal in reference to their toward getting along...but maybe they're due for a good claw trimming! way to go


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We trim their claws weekly. So that's it?

We're thinking of putting some Soft Paws on for Munchkin if it still happens.


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It doesn't sound like either cat is being aggressive. Kitten Quagmire is naturally very active and interested in his new housemate. He probably jumps on her a lot and she gets fed up with it and lashes out. That's how kittens learn the kitty rules of the house. I recommend just keeping a close eye on them to make sure there's no serious fighting going on - growling, biting, etc. Scratches are bound to happen now and then.


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Thank you for your response. smile

What we think happened was a case of 'cabin fever'. They were accidentally locked in a room together (the wind blew and shut the door) and probably got stressed out.

Most of the growling I've heard happens when I try to trim Munchkin's claws, MOL!