My 2yr old female is attcking my 2yr old neutered male!

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I have 3 cats. I've got my 2yr old female, a 2yr old neutered male, and their 6 mo old female. I also have an 8yr old dog who has always loved the kitties. So, mommy and daddy were brought up together. We got both within months of each ther. They got alog great, maybe too well. They had kittens and I immediately got the male fixed. I kept a female kitten and everyone got along excellent. Well all of a sudden yesterday I was waken by the cats screaming/fighting in the other room. My male and female were literally attached to each other in a ball of fur, and my dog was attacking both of them. So, I separated them and thought it was over. Well, later that day my male came in to say hello and my female immediately started hissing and puffed right up and attacked. He didn't back down, and then the dog got in on it. My male is missing a claw now, my dog is all scratched up and they are separated. My female has no problem being with the 6mo old female and the dog, but freaks out when she even sees my male. My male is fine with the 6mo old and the dog when they are alone together. Its just mommy and daddy who can't be near each other! Wtf is going on...can someone explain this to me?? And so no one says this...both my females go in 2 wks to get spayed!


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To put in it a nutshell, in 2 weeks, this will all disappear.

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