Dog Move to Chicago, meeting and living with two cats!

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Purred: Thu Apr 19, '12 2:46am PST 
I am looking for tips for introducing a dog to my two cats. All are mature, established pets. They do their thing, have their routines. Eddie is a mutt who is moving in with Tailer and Zelda, also mutts, but of the feline variety. They are going to possibly have to be in a small apartment together until we get our house purchase finalized? Do I board the cats in the mean time? Find a cat sitter to house them for a bit and then introduce them once we get to the new house?? Anyone know anyone in chicago who may be able to help? Any thoughts and ideas appreciated!!



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I would not recommend boarding or sending your cats away, this will likely be much harder and more stressful on them than adding a dog to the apartment. If you can't have them together in the apartment I would be more likely to board or have someone watch the dog rather than the cats until you move...

To introduce new cats/dogs to each other usually the best way is to start with them in separate rooms. Once they are comfortable with the sounds and smell of each other through the door, you can try switching to using a baby/pet gate instead of a door between them so they can see each other but don't feel overwhelmed. When they're comfortable like that you can try bringing them into the same room carefully. I would do this by having the cat in a comfortable place up off the ground so they don't feel cornered, such as on the couch, and have the dog in a crate or on leash across the room at first so they can get used to each other without having any chance of the dog chasing the cat or running up and scaring the cat. I've done this by having my cat on a leash and harness also, but my cat was already comfortable wearing a leash/harness and was not the type to flee away, so I would not recommend that unless your cat is used to a harness and is not the type to make a mad dash.
I've actually done this the other way around before, with the cat in a crate and the dog on a leash instead but only because my cat was comfortable in the crate and I made sure the dog did not get too close and scare the cat...

If you search online you can also find a lot of info on introducing new dogs and cats.