Worried about Natalie

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Purred: Fri Apr 13, '12 1:04pm PST 
Hi Everyone,
Natalie's mom here.
I'm worrying. I'm not sure if there is cause. Natlaie is eating very well, peeing she's been a little constipated. She will play if engaged.
But the past 2 weeks she has been much more vocal. She is waking us up at 3am and will 'mmmaaaah' and 'mmmmaaah' for what seems like hours. We get up with her (she sleeps with us, and will walk back and forth over us if we don't) We feed her, we give her fresh water. Her heated bed is on our bed, as is her smaller flannel bed which we pull up beside us.
She will still not settle down...that is, unless I get up, in which case she takes the spot I sleep in, and then quickly quiets down, stretches out and goes to sleep!
If we move her to the middle, she will start the vocalizations and talking and will sometimes lay down on your hand for awhile. But if you move she's up again, and only when I get up to give everyone breakfast does she stop.
The past two weeks she is aot more vocal alot of the time, whenever anyone is in the room. Alot of talking. Last week, when laying down, with her next to me she 'went' for me....she tried to scratch my face. I don't know what spooked her....it was out of no-where and she never appears afraid or frightened afterward. And it's not play. Don't know what it is.
She is going to be due for her checkup as soon as husband goes back to work, but I am worried. Has anyone ever had anything similar go on? Natalie is ain a room 'alone' but the little guy comes in (CK) and Ruffy sometimes comes for a visit. She's not wild about either, but if CK bothers her we put him back out in the front room.
Any ideas anyone?


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Purred: Fri Apr 13, '12 2:49pm PST 
Dear Nat's mom,
It sounds like Natalie may be developing feline cognitive disorder, "kitty alzheimer's." It's not uncommon in senior cats. Night time meowing, yowling is a typical symptom; the cats get confused, don't know where they are, and yowl for reassurance. She may have scratched you because she didn't know who you were for a moment.

Purring for Nat.


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Purred: Fri Apr 13, '12 3:23pm PST 
Last summer, every so often, I would hear Natasha "cry" out in the bedroom and when I went in, she would be on the dresser and look at me as if she was lost. Natasha was sixteen and a half at the time. She did it several times. I would just pick her up and comfort her with my voice.
I would definitely check it out at the vet's. She is a senior and it could be anything but a vet check would help. Both Natalie and Kaci Sunshine look like Natasha. I have a fondness for female orange tabbies.....


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Purred: Fri Apr 13, '12 5:52pm PST 
i am very vocal epically if i am in a room by myself. dosent matter what time it is. i will also voclize alot too if there are people in the room. i dont have kitty alzheimers. some cats just like to voclize.

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My Skids kitty did that later in life to and it was kinda like she forgot where she was and needed us to reassure her, once we talked to her or petted her she calmed down but she might wake up again shortly and start again. She would get a look her on face my husband called "goofey look" after a few times we realized that look meant she was "gone or going somewhere else" our voice and touch normally brought her back.