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Tia the- Terrific!
Purred: Sat Mar 3, '12 2:32am PST 
My friend and her mom have 3 cats and 1 dog. 2 of the cats stay indoor, and one stays outdoors. The male cat gets very territorial and jealous if he sees my friend paying attention to the male cat outside. He will pee wherever my friend was last standing. Bob is also declawed (friend's mom had this done without knowing the problems it causes). There are no scratch posts in the house because they don't believe that Bob has the urge to scratch anymore...even though I have tried telling them otherwise. They are afraid that with a new baby in the house, things will get worse to where Bob will start peeing on the baby's things, as well.

Based on what I've typed, what advice could you give my friend so that her mother will not give the cat away? My friend wants to do whatever she can to keep Bob, but is already dealing with enough stress as a new mom. I am trying to help out in whatever ways possible.


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Unfortunatly, it sounds like whatever advice you give will fall on deaf ears.

But, If you want to try, 1) is the outside cat neutered? if not it should be it will help the inside cat. 2) is the indoor cat neutered? if not again this could be the cause of the problem. 3) does the peeing cat have some medical issue UTI, or crystals?

The behaviour really sounds like it is an intact male issue.


Tia the- Terrific!
Purred: Fri Mar 9, '12 3:10am PST 
I'm not sure about the outside cat but I know Bob the inside male cat is neutered. Also, he did have a UTI which he was in the vet for prior to my friend having her baby. I tried telling her mom that that's probably what the main issue was as well as having the new male cat outside and interfering with Bob's territory.

Personally, I think they are trying to help with all the strays in the area, but when do you draw the line for your own cats? I don't believe my friend's mom is a huge fan of Bob's in the first place...but my friend is so against finding him a new home. I really wish they hadn't had him declawed just because he was scratching furniture...to me it sounds like he'd do better in a one cat household just from what I have seen.


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Purred: Mon Mar 12, '12 3:40pm PST 
I know first hand how an inside cat can get upset about the outside gang. I have been feeding the ferals around here for almost a year. My Tigger had started to get so upset, that when he goes outside,(on a harness) and sprays the bushes, he has a couple times spritzed in the house. He also had 2 urinary blockages last year, which stress can contibute to. I know it is because he feels that "his" yard is being trespassed. So I started moving the food dishes out towards the alley, and feeding less as it is getting warmer. By summer, I have to stop. I hate to do this, but as a previous poster said, you have to draw the line somewhere, and Tigger comes first. If Bob's paws are sore from declawing, he my be adverse to using the litter box too - maybe a different litter. They have to not give up on Bob.


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Give your cat a nice stern talking to and make sure to say the word neuter a bunch of times so that Bob knows you mean business.