Foster cat keeps bitting me????

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Purred: Wed Feb 22, '12 5:25pm PST 
Ok so I have a one year old foster cat which is expecting babies like any min but the problem is she has attacked me 3 times in the week I have had her.

The first time I had her on my lap and I wanted up and she didn’t want me to get up so she grabbed my hand with her front paws and bit down on my hand very very hard. I had to go to the walk in clinic as it was very swollen and bleed a lot and got antibiotics.

The second time I went to put water in her bowl she walked up to me and scratched me below my eye and then today I was patting her very soft and when I went to get up she got mad a grabbed my other hand in her mouth.

I am afraid for my kids safety and my own around her but I don’t want to send her back to the pound I am fostering her from.

Could this behaviour be from her being pregnant????.

I do not maul her nor do my children that are 11 and over and she is my 5th foster mommy cat in 3 years and I never had a cat act this way before.

Thank you