Strange change in behavior

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Hello this is my first post here. My friend useses Caster all the time for info and recomended I join.

I have a 13yr old male cat named Rascal who's behavior has changed a lot since my other cat died on Dec 30th. He had been in the same house with her for most of his life.

The female cat had done most of the talking. She was the one who always asked for food but that was about it. Rascal was fairly silent most of the time.

Since the female died (she did not die in our home) he has become a different cat. He meows ALL the time. Non stop. He seems to be eating fine. He stills playes more often then not. How ever he will not leave me alone. He was never a very cuddly cat, he will sit next to you for a while and sleep in the same bed but never sat in my lap. He has become very needy.

He now will insist on sitting in my lap where ever I am.
When ever I move he starts to meow.
He howels when I leave the house.
Some times when I am sitting still he will come in the room and meow until i get up or jump on me.
He has started sleeping in the part of the bed where the other cat slept.
He seems to get angry when I don't pay attention to him.

Just wondering if this kind of dramatic behavior change is normal or if something may be wrong. I took him to the vet a little over month ago and his blood work came back normal.
I would be interested in any thoughts on the matter.


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Oh dear, have you not heard of SOME animals that loved (and MISSED) their house mates SO much they pined away also? With his age THIS was a MAJOR trama for him. For someone he was with ALL those years just disappear!!

So yes, I THINK, he is exibiting separation anxiety. Your vet could give him a little meds to get him thru the worst part of his grief.

OR if you don't believe in THAT there are calming sprays and like plug in air fresherners, that susposidly have calming phermones in them. THAT might help!

I would AT LEAST recommend you have him checked out by your Dr. 13 IS getting on up there, and they DO go thru MAJOR changes as they age! Also tell him about these behavior changes, medicine has changed a lot over the years, and there is a LOT more they can do now days!!

Unfortunately, animals, are as suseptible as we humans to emotional illnesses!! They suffer depression, anxiety - I know AT LEAST ONE really REALLY PSYCHOTIC kitty!! I'm also PRETTY sure she's ah serial killer TOO!!

PLEASE do add us as a friend, I didn't SEE anywhere to friend request YOU!! But you can request US at the bottom of our post!!

HOPE this helps BEST WISHES, (
mom) Delecia & Jazzmine (kitty)

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We've heard and read several interesting stories of cats who lose their housemates and "fill in" for the deceased cat by picking up some of their behaviors...doing things their owners never thought they would see them do. We find it so interesting and wonder if that could be part of what is going on. I'm sure he is mourning too...poor fellow.

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Sounds like he is grieving. I would also have the vet check him out again given his age. Some cats who have been silent start vocalizing when they start losing their hearing.


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I think he needs a kitty buddy. When Meowma's other cat went away old BooBoo, who was aklready the sweetest cat ever, got so clingy, whiny, etc that Meowma deciided thet there just had to be other cats here. But in her experience, another Senior cat doesn't usually adjust as well, so I came, at 4 months old. BooBoo accepted me almost immediately, except for busting me upside the head when I would get too kittn crazy. We added Pandora who was 6 months old a little later, and everybody was happy.
We agree he should be checked out, due to his age if nothing else. But we commonly hear people say cats don't grieve, or that they won't ever miss the other cat, etc. We say if the cat in question has ever had a cat friend, they will probably always need one.