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Purred: Tue Jan 24, '12 7:30am PST 
It's official... Toast is getting softpaws! Personal experiences, tips for applying? Also, would he be most handsome for his admirers with clear or another color scheme? Super excited!


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Hi Toast! My mom has been trying to get those soft paws on me since early December. She got them in size extra small seeing that I am just a kitten still, they was HUGE on my little razor sharp claws. so mom tried again last week seeing that I have grown, they do fit now, but I REFUSE to let her get more than one on at a time. It took her two days to get Two caps on even with the distraction of treats. Not to mention that after she got them on I tried to chew them off. Mom decided that it's easier just to take me to get my claws trimmed, mom is scared to do it her self as when I am with her I squirm alot, but with the pro's I sit quietly for 3 minutes and go in my carrier, I get treats and a nice day out.


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If Toast is good about getting a claw clip it will be easier. When I put them on Maizy, I waited till she was asleep, or I had my hubby hold her on his lap. It may take a few sessions to get them all on. They work good, it is just getting them on!

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Was my first thought when I saw your title =)

I got my "softpaws" on eBay for something like 4$ for 20 caps. I got them in medium, and in orange, and will need to size up next time I buy for two 8 months old cats (6 and 8 pounds) My first suggestion is don't buy clear ones! I know they look less obstructive and weird, but you won't know if they fall off until you or your furniture get stuck.

My only tip for applying is that less glue is more. The glue burns when it touches skin (Trust me) and on sensitive toe skin, it's even worse. More glue leaks out, sticks to fur, sticks fur to skin, and causes the cat's extra toe skin to get stuck and stiff and hurt. It's better to squeeze a tiny bit in and see if it sticks to the nail, than it is to put enough that you can see and have a cat freak out and run away because of the burning.

I put my cats on their back, but upright against my raised legs, so they have support and can look at me. Then I put glue in the cap, pop the claw, push it on, and hold the claw out for a few seconds, then press the cap again, and let go for the next one. They get treaties after, if they want them. Also, snip the tip of the claw (JUST the tip, no more) beforehand.

They're an amazing invention. It's hard to put them on at first, but to keep your kitty's claws? So worth it.


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I've got Soft paws for my cat Sam. He's an orange tabby cat and I chose purple ones to put on his. This way I can see which ones have fallen off. He's pretty good about letting me trim his claws and put them on him. I usually either do it right before I feed him or I catch him while he is having a snooze. I give him tons of praise when he lets me put them on him and a few extra treats as well smile