CK is driving everyone nuts!

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CK Angel- Ryder- Knowles

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Purred: Tue Jan 24, '12 6:53am PST 
Someone out there!
CK is turning into 'Bad Kitten'. At 6 months he's becoming a big, wiry strong young mancat who one would think had never been neutered. He is constantly harassing the others. Now the boys can hold their own, though he's close to getting on Smokie's last nerve, and Smokie has displaced aggression issues and takes it out on the others...last night he went after Bella, who's not in the best of shape. This morning CK jumped on Bella.
He got into the room with our foster and played rough with her...and when I went to get him he turned and slapped me with his paw with his nails out. He got a time out in the bathroom for 20 minutes.

He has a large cat tree which he's mostly taken over, and I feel that he's taking over the house, being a very active, dominant cat.
I do play with him. He's basically in one room with the others...when I let him in the bedroom he has attacked Natalie...she fights back, but shouldn't have to...

Does anyone have any suggestions? I try to play with him as mucha s possible, but he's becoming very rough and tumble.

Any ideas, anyone?

He has Smokie Ruffy and Prinny to interact with. Prinny right now is his most 'equal' playmate as she doesn't take anything from him. the others are tired I think!


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Purred: Wed Jan 25, '12 12:32pm PST 
What a little toughie! Sometimes Smitty will harass Maizy, but she pretty much lets him have it back. I have had to step in a few times & holler HEY then he will stop. I hate to say the squirt gun, but if CK is getting too rough, maybe a squirt and a loud EASY! may help. Hope Bella is doing better & Natalie too. purrs
the other thought would maybe be one of the calming collars?

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