Tips for keeping kitty off of counters/tables

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Purred: Mon Jan 23, '12 5:58pm PST 
My husband and I are having a hard time keeping our 2 year old cat off of the kitchen counters and table. Most of the time there isn't anything on them [food etc.]so I'm thinking he likes it up there to just be higher. Does anyone have any tips or tricks to keep him off. We tried the tape sticky side up but we came home from work with him walking around with it stuck to his belly like nothing was wrong.laugh out loud


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I would try a removable double-sided sticky tape. Another thing to try is propping some cans filled with coins/screws/washers/anything that's loud on the edge of the counter so that he's forced to either run into them or knock them down.

It's not really a problem we've ever had with our cats. When they were kittens, we had a bottle with a vinegar mix in it and any time we saw them getting on the counter, or already on it, we'd spray them. It worked best when we caught them mid-leap. They now stay off of the counters. Our main concern was the stove as we didn't want them hitting knobs and turning stuff on so we wanted to nip it in the butt before it really got going.


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I've heard that the Scat Mat works. I think you can buy them on Petco. It just a mat that once thep on it, sends a little electronic pulse and they feel it on their feet. They won't stay in that spot too long. There is also Ssscat spray you can get. You could place it on the counter or the table and it has a sensor that can detect if something is close to it and then it shoots a spray of air. I've found that just going out and purchasing a can of air like what you use to clean your computer keyboards with works great. I just hide it behind my back and when I see my cat do something I don't like I just spray it. It makes a hissing noise that cat doesn't like. And it lets him know you don't like what he's doing.


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Yeah, I like to EAT that double sided tape (and so does my "brother", Eko.)

Aluminum foil worked for a while here, but we got used to it.....but it did discourage us. Saying NO and removing us has had an effect after months and months. Mom still doesn't get 100% compliance but we are doing pretty good and she wipes down the counters well when food will be touching them.

Ssscat (the can) worked wonders for us with the Christmas tree. It has the advantage of correcting the cat even when you aren't aronund...pretty important.

Having somewhere in the kitchen where they can perch and watch you legally sometimes helps too. I trained mine that it's okay to hop up on the counter ONLY to immediately get on the kitchen window sill. (It was too great of a cat perch to deny them access.) That has actually been a good compromise for us. I thought it would be confusing for them, but they learned that the window sill was the "legal" spot pretty quickly.


"if it moves,- bite it!"
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Thanks everyone, I am willing to try anything