3 yr old Male Cat Biting Kitten's Neck-while eating only

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Miles, our 3 yr. old male cat and Pixel, our 3.5 month kitten have been together just under 2 months and it is going much better than we anticipated. There is mutual grooming and a lot of wrestling and play fighting but nothing scary.
However, the only problem that persists is that Miles will come up behind Pixel while Pixel is eating and bite his neck. He seems to only do this when Pixel is eating and though I understand it is a dominance issue, can anyone think of why it's only when Pixel is vulnerable and eating? Pixel, the kitten is usually the bully and they don't share food so it's not a jealousy issue with food. Pixel cries out in pain when Miles bites him and we step in to separate.
Any thoughts appreciated! Thank you!

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Oh the poor thing!
I am not sure. Here, except when there is chicken or a treat food around, the boys actually let CK eat off their plates with them. He must have done this with his mother, and they are incredibly tolerant of him with it.

I know that cats do this to be dominant...but it worries me that your little guy is crying in pain. Glad you're seperating them when it happens.

It may be the only place your resident male can show his dominance.


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We agree with CK..dominance;he might have decide food is only for him and doesn't want the kitten to touch it.. here sometimes it is kittens that tell adults often they are eating. One or two adults try to bite others than approach him if he is eating


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Since Miles is the alpha cat make sure you give him his food first and then to the kitten. Whenever you are doing anything with them at the same time, do Miles first. Mommy was reading about this when Zoey and I were little as I would get real restless at mealtime. Mommy read a book that since I was the dominant cat that I should be given everything first. That was it. Everything from then on went very smoothly at mealtimes. Before she would take turns as she though Zoey would feel left out but we both like it like this better. With brushing our teeth, getting treats, anything ... I get it first. Worth a try if you aren't doing that. If you are already you might just have to keep supervising mealtimes to make sure Miles leaves the kitten alone till he gets over doing this. Good luck!

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Thank you ALL for the responses! Miles still tries to bite Pixel's neck while he is eating only, and it makes me sad that Pixel looks around while eating now, but I'm sure it'll take time. I like the idea of giving Miles everything first. I try to do that but will be even more conscious of it now.
I don't feel that it works but I did also spray the Feliway spray around Pixel's food mat, hoping to make that area seem as low-stress and non-threatening as possible.
Meanwhile, they groom each other and play fine the rest of the time so the biting-while-eating is just so puzzling to me. Thanks from Pixel and his big brother Miles!