Being considered for walks.

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Hi all, Kosmo and me are fairly new to Catster and did a search on this topic but couldn't quite get the results we wanted...probably due to being unfamiliar with this site. Apologies if this has been covered already : )

I'm considering taking Kosmo out for regular strolls outside. I have no experience in helping a cat learn to do this, so any advice or tips as to where to start and what equipment I'll need would be great. Kosmo loves looking out all the windows and has already been outside in my arms a several times to get some fresh air and to see and hear new things. He seems to really enjoy it and is very calm but doesn't seem especially eager to be outside otherwise and has never tried to 'escape' my apartment. I just think he might like to explore the world a little more because he's so curious about everything else.

How do cats benefit from going on short daily walks? Are they just as happy with 'not knowing' about the outside world? I don't want to stress Kosmo out unnecessarily if he doesn't enjoy being outside.


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Welcome to Catster, Kosmo!welcome

We've had cats in the family who loved walks and some who were too scared of the outdoors.

Arthur loved going out for walks in his harness. The best advice I can give is to let Kosmo lead, and expect to spend a lot of time stopping to nibble grass or roll on the pavement instead of actively walking. I usually found it good to go for walks at night, when things had quieted down around the neighborhood.

Good luck! Let us know how it goes! hi5

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I'd start by walking the cat indoors with a harness or walking jacket. It's safer that way. When the cat is comfortable with wearing the harness or jacket and you leading him around with the leash, you can take short trips outside, maybe to the sidewalk and back. You can slowly increase the walk time and go around the yard.

I think a walking jacket is more secure thinking Here's one http://www.kittyholster.com/index.html There are H-style and figure 8 style harnesses but they look too easy to get tangled up in if a cat panicks shrug

There are also pet strollers for taking your cat outside smile If your cat won't wear a harness or jacket, he might sit in a stroller.

And make sure your cat wears a collar with ID tags or has a registered microchip (lots of people get their pets microchipped but don't bother to actually register the chip with all their contact information shrug) whenever you go out for walks, just in case way to go

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My Louie LOVES to take walks. And yes, get a harness or walking jacket for safety and put it on youc at in the house so they can get used to it. And when you go outside with a cat on a leash, be prepared for people to say "Good Grief....that is a CAT!!"....

It can be a great experience for both of you, and yes, cats do like to check out the grass, roll on the pavement, etc. Check out Louie's page for a photo of him in his harness.


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We, too live in an apartment, and have been trying to get Natalie used to walking outside in the hall of the apartment. So far, she doesn't care for it. She likes being in our arms, but is not happy with being on the ground...it scares her.
I would definately get your kitty used to walking in the hall before you took them outside..you need a good, sturdy harness, a seperate id collar, and we had Natalie chipped. We are seeking an inexpensive cat stroller...but so far no luck. We think that might be a better option maybe for her.


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^^ Louis looks quite dapper and very content in his harness : )

Hi everyone, thanks for the replies and advice!

I think I'll go out tomorrow and get Kosmo a harness/jacket and leash and begin getting him used to the idea of wearing it. I had thought that might be the best approach - letting him wear it and using the leash inside first - so I'm glad you guys suggested it! I have a feeling that once Kosmo understands that the harness and leash lead to new and exciting things that he'll really enjoy it...I can't imagine that he wouldn't like grass and getting to see birds and squirrels in person and feeling the breeze through his fur : )

I will keep everyone posted on his progress and also post pictures!

Thanks again!

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