Purely behavioral urination throughout the house...

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Krazy Klo-Klo
Purred: Tue Jan 17, '12 7:38am PST 
Thank you to everyone for all the responses!! Sorry for my slow response, we have been out of town!

Arthur - We haven't tried a diaper but would definitely do so! Where did you buy the kitty diapers? Did you use some sort of "wipe" to clean her after changing the diaper?

George - We tried the Feliway plug-ins... didn't make a difference for her. I haven't tried the collar version because I felt since the plug-in didn't work, it probably wouldn't work either. Guess I could try it, though.

Ralphie & Randy - We have no idea where she was the first four months of her life. She was super affectionate right away which made me wonder if she had been around people before or if it was just from being held in the shelter.

Again, thanks for all the tips. Yesterday we attempted to convert a space in the spare bedroom for her, again. We put down linoleum and made "sides" for it... she spent her first night in there and peed on it already frown She may have to go back to the guest bathroom, even though it's small.


Purred: Wed Jan 18, '12 6:57pm PST 
My Mom got Priscilla's diapers from this lady:


Mom used to take Priscilla to the groomer for a sanitary groom (the groomer she used charged only $10 for this) and she would just use a damp washcloth to wipe Priscilla down when she changed her diaper.

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