cats being able to love?

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What are your opinions on cats being able to love humans? My husband insists that it's absolutely not possible because love is a human emotion. However, I disagree. My Oliver is the most affectionate cat I've ever owned. He follows me around, constantly purrs, sits in my lap when I am sad, sleeps near my feet, gives kisses, and is generally just a total doll.


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I have to disagree with your husband. Certainly every cat that has ever owned me showed me love. Kitty kisses, head bonks, purring, sitting on my lap, snuggling next to me in bed, etc. etc. I always say it was my cats who helped me get over everthing I lost in Hurricane Katrina. (See their pages)

I believe they understand when a human is kind to them and show their appreciation. Would guess that 100% of CATSTER (and DOGSTER) members would agree with me.

The New Orleans Kitties

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I agree with The New Orleans Kitties and disagree with your husband. If cats didn't love certain humans, they wouldn't express their affection only to their beloved humans. Why would your cat be extra cuddly with you when you are sad if he didn't love you?

I think that love and trust are closely tied with cats, but cats don't always bond deeply with every human that they trust. Just like people, they have their favorites!

What other emotion would your husband use to describe the bonding and affection that cats demonstrate towards humans?

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Totally disagree with your husband.....

My cats love me and its evident when they come running just to be near me, not for food, but for companionship! They do know the difference when I am calling for food or for affection!

Cat's can hate - if they can hate - then they can love.....

jealousy is a human emotion and cats have it.... all sorts of "human" emotions they do have!

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Oh gosh they love. And they love with a total selfishlessness that some humans don't have. And they have a wide range of emotions besides love.

When I got Bella, I will never forget how she bravely stood in front of her kittens to protect them. Or how a little mom cat in a small cat family I was helping to care for...how that momcats sister rushed up to protect kittens that were not even hers from a dog. Why would she do that if there wasn'a a bond.

Every day, Bella lets me poke a variety of pills down her throat. She will meow at me for food, and make 'coo' noises when she's happy. She grooms my face when I lean close and say 'give kiss'.

Natalie loves us. She meows for us to pet her, she trusts us to pick her up and keep her safe. She puts her paws on our hands and 'holds hands' because we are her family.

Ruffy is the most loving funny cat there is! He used to rush up to people asking for help, even when he was fed. He enjoys being petted and played with.

Smokie wants us to always be with him-and he gets jealous if another cat gets attention. He will 'call' if we leave the room and he's lonely for us. And he stays very close to us and sits in our laps and purrs.

Definately...definately love.


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I love debates, mol. laugh out loud

Tell your husband, or better yet, put him on here, that Bump wants to know, what his explanation is, for a mother cat and her kittens, a lion and her cubs, a bear and her cubs??????????????????

Bump also wants to know, what his explanation is, for why geese mate for life?????????????

And lastly, Bump wants to know, why some animals, of different species, are real good buds, and why when one dies, they go into depression, just as humans do, what is his explanation for that??????????

I got lots more, but 3 is enough for him to respond to, the ball, is now, in his court. shockway to go

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I am in total agreement with all of you. I asked what emotions they display if not love and he basically said "they're being cats. that's what they do". And I asked him why my Oliver was so sad when my other kitty, Bugger passed away, if he couldn't love. Or why Bugger, bless her heart, loved HIM more than me? She would always sit in HIS lap and make biscuits on HIS shirt, not mine.

I'm not sure if this was just a cop-out and trying to say cats are "stupid" (which they're not, they are in fact quite smart as you all know!) and that dogs are smarter.

Can we tell who's the cat person and who's the dog person in this relationship?


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They are being cats? Thats what they do? Bump wants to know, exactly, what that means?

Thats 4 ansers, he owes Bump, or, is he afraid?

The only stupid one, is him, mol. laugh out loudwaveway to go


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I completely disagree with your husband. Of course cats can love. Why else would they be so happy to see us when we come home each day? I have two cats so they have companionship during the daytime but they're still happy when we come home (and not hungry yet mol!) Why else would they come to us when we're sad for comfort or come to us for comfort if they are sick? My kitties follow us around the house and oftentimes want to be in the same room as one of us, even if it's just hanging out on their cat house or by the heater. They give kisses, cuddles and legs rubs to my bf and me but not to other friends or family that come over. Once that bond is created, it's unconditional. They love us fat or thin, rich or poor, sick or ill.

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Can I recommend a book for your husband? In 2002, author and researcher Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson published a revolutionary book, The Nine Emotional Lives of Cats, in which he identified nine primary emotions he had observed in cats: narcissism, love, contentment, attachment, jealousy, fear, anger, curiosity, and playfulness.