Negative Attention Seeking?

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My cat has been acting out lately and I'm not sure what the problem is and how to fix it. She has kind of started acting like a dog. She has to follow my fiance and I everywhere we go. She walks right in front of our feet, so we accidentally kick her a lot. She does this when we are going down the stairs, too, so we are scared that we are going to trip over her and fall down the stairs. She always wants to be on our laps, and loves to walk on the computers when we are using them. I have had other cats that loved to be on my lap, and that was fine, but Shortcake literally has to be on my lap every time I'm sitting down and she gets in the way when I am doing important things on the computer like homework. We have other cats in the house, and she beats everyone up. I think this might be because she wants my fiance and I all to herself. She gets more aggressive when we are giving attention to other cats. She attacks us sometimes, too, and clipping her claws doesn't make a difference because she has razor-sharp teeth. She has drawn blood from us many times just from biting us. Most of the time, it seems like she is just getting too playful, but sometimes she just gets mad at us and attacks. She is not spayed yet, and I want to get her spayed in the future. Do you think that would help all of these problems? I love this cat and I want to help her if there is something wrong, and do whatever I can to make it easier for us all to live together. My other cats are terrified of her, and I hate that they have to be all stressed out because of her. Please give me some suggestions!

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YES, you need to get her spayed ASAP!!! This will help with her behavior and calm her down. Please take care of this, and make her (and you) feel much more comfortable.

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perhaps she needs something else to stimulate her? Einstein's almost the same way. he always has to be with us or in our laps or begging for food and when he feels like he isn't getting what he wants, he'll try to open cabinet doors among or really gang up on our other cat or other attention getting behaviors. he's better when i keep the bird feeders filled or when he's got a great toy or whatever to keep him busy. i joke about him not being smart, but i guess he is named einstein for a reason. he's probably way smarter than we ever give him credit for. try finding something that will occupy or stimulate her mind so she's not hounding you guys for attention and stimulation. if she's not spayed, do that. if she's got all those hormones, she's not going to be content just being a calm, relaxed, house kitty.


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Sphynx used to do the same thing until one day he went too far and a guest of ours tripped and broke their hand! Sphynx would hop on our documents and pee on them, so it was either we had to digitize all of our documents to online storage or take Sphynx to get fixed. We opted for B) Fixed, and Sphynx calmed down a few weeks later!