Desperate for help! female cat is peeing everywhere!

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So I desperately need help when it comes to my 3 year old neutered female cat Lilly. Lilly has recently started to pee on everything! My fiance and I invested in the cat genie litter box roughly about 6 months ago which started her peeing elsewhere. Now the issue is that she uses the cat genie but STILL insists on peeing on the bed, bathroom carpets, random carpeted areas and our dog pippins bedding. Weve had her fixed, invested in the comfort zone plugin and even switched back to her old litter box in an attempt to stop the peeing. My fiance is threatening to get rid of her if it doesn't stop soon and its leaving me a stressful position. im at the end of the rope and desperate for answers. any help or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. thank you!


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The first thing you need to do is get her to the vet to rule out a medical problem. The most common reason a kitty starts going outside the litter box is pain during urination, usually caused by a urinary tract infection or crystals.

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It could be:
1) A Urinary tract infection
2)Cystitis. This is a painful condition that causes female cats to feel pain when they pee. It's stress related.
Get her to the vet, right away!!! It could very much be stress related!!!
I would also suggest another litter box, located in a very quiet, low traffic area. Try the 'cat attract' litter. I have heard its good!

When I was ill, I would pee on things I shouldn't. I was trying to tell my pawrents that something was wrong. It's one of the sure ways to get their attention!

Hate to say it, but changing the litterbox might have done it...cats hate change.

1)Wash all surfaces with vinegar and water.
2) Put another litter box in a quiet place, somewhere she can enoy using without interference.

Cats tend to HATE those 'automatic' box things. Remember, cats are creatures of habit. They feel stress and change in the air.

If all persists, you may ahve to ditch the boyfriend. She may be allergic to him.