More affectionate and clingy after spay- what's up?

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Such a house cat
Purred: Fri May 13, '11 6:11pm PST 
Pudleigh finally got spayed (and microchipped) on Tuesday, and since then she's been like my shadow. She's way more affectionate than she was before, and instead of sleeping on her side of the futon, she just curls up on me. Anyone else have a kitty go all cuddly post-spay, and if so, was it a temporary or permanent change in behavior?

Athena (In- Memory)

Purrs and Love

Purred: Fri May 13, '11 6:23pm PST 
She may be in pain and wants to cuddle with you for reassurance. Way back when Athena was spayed (17 years ago), the vets didn't believe in pain meds for a cat's spay. Now, most vets agree it is a good thing to give pain medication to cats that have been spayed -- just for a few days to get them over the initial pain.

Athena didn't get any pain meds and she curled up on me for comfort. She was affected like that for a few days, then started feeling better.