Does anyone else's cat Sigh, Hiccup, Burp or Twitch?

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Purred: Thu Apr 14, '11 10:02am PST 
My kitty hiccups sometimes after hes done eating; and sighs when hes trying to settle himself down and go to sleep. I think its cute!


Daddys little- buddy
Purred: Thu Apr 21, '11 4:31pm PST 
Milo burps sometimes. We realized that he sometimes has a slow-moving digestive system, so if yours does it a lot, get him checked out. We have to give him some medicine to help things move along. He tolerates it well.


I Demand Your- Full Attention!
Purred: Thu Apr 21, '11 8:04pm PST 
I do all but twitch.

I sigh when I am content, usually before nappys.

I hiccup when I eat or drink too fast.

I burp when I have wet food.

And I farts. It can clear a room.


Purred: Sun Dec 9, '12 9:55am PST 
my kitty Galahad hiccups when he drinks his water fast! I too was scared at first but realize that this is just "normal-ish".

As for sighing..YES...Galahad does this too. primarily after he has been running around and decides time to stop! Or when he decides yes, nap time. BUT sometimes I think he does it as a sign toward me of disdain or disappointment. Guess he really is French! the french courts do this smile

No burping yet.

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