Help! Sasha is bullying my other cat when she uses the litter!

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For a couple of months now, my cat Pequena has been going right outside the litter box. She has been peeing outside the box, and pooping inside. Yes, she did have a UTI, but that has been cleared up for over a month now. Now, she is also pooping right outside the box.

I know what the problem is, because I have witnessed it twice now. My dominant and original cat, Sasha, bullies Pequena when she tries to use the litter. She attacks her and pushes her out of the box. I have only seen it happen twice, but I am sure it has happened a lot more often when I am not home. Now pequena just automatically goes out the box, because she is afraid to go in the litter.

Yes, I have two litter boxes, one in my bedroom and 1 in the basement. Yes, they both use both boxes. Yes, they are both open boxes with plenty of space around them for "escape"

My question is, how can I get Sasha to stop bullying her in the litter box and secondly, how to get Pequena to go in the box again and no longer be afraid?

I desperately need help!

Oh also I tried the cat attract stuff for the litter box and that hasnt helped. In fact, Pequena doesnt seem attracted to it at all and Sasha eats the stuff out of the litter box!


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Hmmm... how far apart are the boxes, geographically speaking? You want to have them as far away as possible from one another, so that Sasha cannot easily "patrol" in between. You want to give the bullied cat enough time to do her business before Sasha shows up, in other words. I'd also consider maybe putting Pequena in a smaller room, with a third litterbox and no Sasha access AT ALL. This might rebuild her confidence that she'll be able to do her business in peace.

Have you talked to your vet about this sort of aggression at all? I say that because your vet probably knows Sasha best, and might be able to venture a guess as to why she's being overly aggressive all of a sudden.

One more thing. Other than the UTI, has Pequena been in good health? Sometimes cats who previously got along, or at least did not display overt power struggles can find themselves fighting if one of them is sick. The cat who is not sick will find him/her self trying to "drive away" the sick one. So if Pequena hasn't had a health panel last time she went to the vet for the UTI, it might not be a bad idea to do one to rule

Sasha- 9/6/06-10/3/- 12

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the litter boxes are as far apart as they could possibly be. one is in the basement and the other one is in my bedroom. I was thinking about getting a 3rd litter box and putting it in the spare bedroom which currently is just like a storage room and not used for anything, but I have to check with my roomate as this is his house and it may end up being yet another room that the carpet gets peed on.

I rescued Pequena 6 months ago so I dont know what her health history is. The two cats have never gotten along well, though the first two months I had Pequena it was better and not nearly as bad, then she went into heat in the beginning of June, and I moved at the end of June, and ever since those two events, they have gotten along terribly and the peeing outside the box started a few weeks after I moved so I am assuming the litter box bullying started when we moved.