How can I get my cat into a pet carrier

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I adopted a rescue cat (Vicki), and all was well until some incipient medical problems became evident. A mobile vet (not a good one) came to see her and prescribed medications, which she wouldn't allow to be given. I set up a vet appointment, but I could not get the cat into her carrier. I have had 3 previous cats who didn't want to get into a carrier (natch!), but I was able to do it with them.

I tried the suggestion of using a towel, but as soon as she saw the towel she fled. I've made several subsequent attempts, but the situation has become such that she now runs away from both me & my husband on sight and won't come out to eat if we're in the room.

It I can't get her to a vet, she'll just get even sicker and/or die. Add to that that she's no long the sweet kitty I fell in love with. I despair.

Please help!


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I feed mine in their carrier, when its time to eat, they fly into their carriers. You could start teaching her, to eat in the carrier, keep the door open for awhile, so she can come out when she is done. When she calmly walks in and calmly walks out, shut the door, when she is done, open the door and let her out. Each day, increase the time she stays in there, by a few min, after she is done eating.

She will soon learn, carriers are good places, and she learns, she gets to come out.

As far as getting her in the carrier right now, the others might have some suggestions, but once you get her to the vet, and she is feeling better, start feeding her in her carrier.

Make sure its large, so she has room to stand up, turn around, and lay stretched out, get the hard sided one. i also put in there, clean soft towels and their toys. Best of luck.

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It's Queenie. Our person has this trouble with us, and we look like we could be your sibs, Gray and white rules! Neither of us have been to the vet since we were fixed. Once our person has hold of us, if she holds us for even two secs, we start to fight and she cannot hold us.

Someone suggested to us here either a big strong bag, like a laundry bag, or a pillow case. Put cat in bag, tie the top closed, put bag in carrier. This works best if the bag has some air holes or is porous, although I suspect that I would have gotten out of the bag in a few minutes. We only live a 15 min ride away from the vet, so it's not as bad as it is for some. Don't let her see the bag until you get ready to go.

I think there probably is no time to retrain her to eat in the carrier if she is unwell. You can set a humane trap with her food in it, at a time when you can just pick the whole thing up and go to the vet. If necessary, they can sedate her for the rest of the procedure.

Have you tried hiding medicine in yummy food? Delyte has had to take a lot of meds over his lifetime, and you can hide almost anything for him in cheese spread or raw hamburger, or any soft food. He is now taking his thyroid medicine by having it rubbed in his ears, although if this kitty will no longer let you pet her, that is probably not an option.

Taking care of us formerly feral is a difficult road to travel. Purrs to you for trying to do this. If it turns into something serious and the difficulty with catching her continues, there may be nothing more that you can do. One of our person's outside feral cats died because she could not catch him to take him to the vet for serious injuries. This is very painful but there is sometimes nothing more that you can do. Giant wildish purrs to you!


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Our mom puts our carrier on end so that the door faces up, then drops us in feet-first. shock

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We used to do the same thing with rescue cats--only we put them in head first. We didn't "drop" them in on their heads, but by the time they turned around and tried to jump back out, we had the door closed. Luckily, this isn't something you'll have to do every day, but it will take some patience and time to win back her trust. I'm sure she's changed because she doesn't feel well. We're sending purrs and prayers that everything turns out OK!

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When it is time for a trip to the vet, I corral the kitty in the bathroom, and close the door. There isn't anywhere for the kitty to hide, and less room to maneuver away from me. I gently grab the kitty by their neck scruff, but I don't lift them by the scruff. It takes me anywhere from a minute, to 40 minutes, to get hold of them. Then, continuing to hold onto their scruff, I either use my other hand to lift and support their body, and with the carrier on end so that the door faces up, I put the kitty in feet-first - like Ben's mom; or I use a towel and wrap them up - a kitty burrito - and then put them into the carrier.

Vicki won't be pleased, but at least she will get the medical attention she needs.

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I is impossible with the carrier when it's time to go somewhere! I likes ta hang in my carrier on my own, but when Mommy tries ta force me in, I get maaaad! We gots two, and the one she uses fur me right now is a cheaper one from target, but it works in my sishhuation 'cause when I get to the vet doc docs, I is impossible ta get out! This one zips all the way around so Mommy tricks me and zips me out-but then I can lay there in the carrier and feel safe while being examined.
Also-my brofur and I were on medicine and it got hard fur Mommy. She had it compounded into a cream and rubbed it on our ears and that was ok fur us because it wasn't as stressful. It doesn't have as much strength though mommy thinks, so the doc may have to play with the dose, but they have special pharmacies all over the US that specialize in that, maybe even in your neighborhood!