Cat Water Bottle?

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Purred: Fri Apr 23, '10 4:37pm PST 
I recently purchased a water bottle type drinking device for my Persian cat. I did it for a few reasons:
1) It's supposed to reduce staining on the chin
2) It will be more sanitary b/c food and debris can't get in
3) We're going on a roadtrip, and I want her to have constant water access without keeping a full bowl on the floor.

How do I get her to try this? She is NOT interested in the water bottle. Granted, she's still got her other water sources, for now, but I'd rather transition her without having her become desperate for some water. She's really, really DUMB! I don't know if she'd eventually figure it out or not.

I hung it up, mounted to a wall near her current food and water.

Ideas? shrug


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Purred: Sat May 15, '10 12:45am PST 
Try rubbing tuna oil over the end of the bottle, that's what I would do. I have never actually trained this. You might have to do this quite a few times.
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