Kitten playing with her poo!!

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Furry Diva
Purred: Tue Feb 16, '10 12:22pm PST 
Thank you for all your detailed responses and explanations! I'm not trying to be a mean mommy to Mocha, but it's very frustrating to find poop around the house every day.

I've seen Mocha carry the poop out and start chomping on it like it's a big piece of treat...what a sight...I haven't used the spray bottle and from what I hear I should not be using it. Thank you Shade, Minou and BooBoo for your advice and suggestions - I will give them a try. Mocha is my first pet so I have zero experience. She has Smokey as her playmate who is the same age and an ANGEL compared to this diva!

I've been scooping every day instead of every other day and have been keeping my eye on her when she's going to the litter box. I'll combine this with the other suggestions. Probably won't be able to update on progress until a while later, but hopefully next time it'll be good news. I guess patience is the key!

Fluff: shock shock shock

Thanks for everyone's responses!


I'm the baby,- gotta love me!
Purred: Tue Feb 16, '10 2:59pm PST 
It is not normal for a cat to eat her own poo. That's a pretty bad variety of pica (i.e., eating inappropriate objects). Have you asked the vet about this at all? Not trying to alarm you, but if she is indeed eating her poo, it points to some sort of nutritional deficiency you might not have been able to notice otherwise.


Purred: Tue Feb 16, '10 3:52pm PST 
when we got Kali, we were told to make sure and feed her a kitten food until she was more grown. this necessitated feeding tiger food she was really old enough to do without. why? because the vet said that if the kitten didn't get food with the extra nutrition kittens need that she might eat her poop.

so my question is if this kitten is on kitten food. also, what kind of food. and consider giving her some extra nice wet food if you're only doing dry food. she maybe not be getting enough nutrition. it's NOT normal for kittens to eat poop. i didn't realize until later in this thread that this was really the issue.


Furry Diva
Purred: Tue Feb 16, '10 4:27pm PST 
Hi guys, sorry I should really clarify...I haven't caught Mocha swallowing because the only time I saw her with poop in her mouth, I got it outta there right away. She was chewing it and broke it apart, but I think she tends to bat it around instead. It wasn't like she was nom noming on a special truffle de poo. Hopefully it'll never happen again (in my presence or not) but I'll keep an eye on it.

When she came from the shelter (where she was caged with an open litter box), she was on Iams Proactive Health for kittens. Then I had her on Innova EVO. Currently she's on Natural Balance but I plan to put her back on EVO.


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Purred: Wed Feb 17, '10 10:15am PST 
It's Fluff. Maybe you need some chew toys? Are you getting your teeth? Any of them giving you trouble? It's so difficult to tell these people when something is wrong!

Also maybe if they can give you some vitamin supplements in some form you like--get used to the kind that is in a gel that you lick off, it tastes good and there are things in it that can help with your tummy and the furballs, as well as kinds that have vitamins in them.

You certainly are a very beautiful little girl kitten. Your people must be so proud of you! Purrs! wave


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Purred: Wed Feb 17, '10 5:04pm PST 
Just a thought - don't know whether it works or is even suitable for cats - there's a food additive for dogs (hot pepper powder), it's sprinkled on the food (tasteless) (not too much people say it burns comin' out!), but in the poop it tastes terrible!
However, I walk a dog who started to eat her older dog-sister's poop when she was a puppy (6years ago). The family added the hot pepper to the older dog's food, didn't phase the puppy in the least. Given the chance the younger dog still eats her sister's poop!

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Hello I'm new here I am the owner of a 10 yr old female tabby named Indy and a 3 month old male tabby/calico long hair. His mom is calico and dad is a tabby. Anyways recently our little guy has started taking poop from the litter box and bating it around the house like a toy. There are a ton of toys in the house and we play with them both constantly. Is there any info out there that will help me stop him from doing this?

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