Bully Cat.

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Purred: Thu Mar 5, '09 10:11am PST 
Kitty is a 1yr old neutered male. He use to love all other cats[Even though he'd prefer dogs]. Right before we got him fixed he started beating up my other male cat Tiger and my mom's male Possum. So we got them all fixed hoping this would solve the problem.But we think they all got worse afterwards. Kitty still beats up Tiger and Possum but now will beat up the spayed girl cats we have outside. You can't have any of them together. It's hard because Kitty stays in the house most of the time. So we have to be real careful about letting Possum inside. We have a big cat pen outside that we can let our one very old cat and one crippled cat outside some and when Kittys not in the house he has to stay out there. Any ideas how to solve this problem?