Kitten Suckling on Siblings!

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Purred: Mon Aug 4, '08 1:40am PST 
Dear Catsters,
My Dad and I rescued some feral kittens, and tamed them down. One kitten has this strange habit of suckling-- she sucks and mats down the hair and nipple of her siblings. I don't know why, and it looks like it hurts!

Is this normal? None of the others do this.

Also, I caught her eating poop yesterday.

She's eating Felidae 2x a day- mostly canned, a bit of dry.


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Purred: Mon Aug 4, '08 11:13am PST 
Hi there!

Feral kittens or kittens that are not weaner properly tend to suckle other kittens, objects, even humans for quite some time. Some cats never fully outgrow the habit, others drop it within a week. The suckling itself isn't something to worry about, but the fact that it's directed towards another kitten is something to work on. I like to suckle on my bed; my vet thinks I was separated from my mother too soon, so the soft fuzzy padding of my bed reminds me of kitty mom. My human mom and dad just let me do it; it's not hurting anything, and I haven't tried to suckle my brother or sister. My suggestion would be to make sure you have a nice soft blanket nearby; if mom catches you suckling on your brother or sister, have her pick you up and put you on the blanket instead.

As for the poop - have you been dewormed yet? A trip to the vet is probably a good idea at this point; all kitties need to be dewormed.

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Purred: Tue Aug 5, '08 12:09pm PST 
My male cat nurses himself and his sister nurses him at the same time. They've been doing this since we got them at 10 weeks old. They are a little over 2 years now -- and show no signs of stopping. They do it a couple of times a day. I know this sounds weird, but it's when I go to sleep at night and if I take a nap -- he curls up next to me (like I'm his mom) and starts nursing himself and then his sister joins him.


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Purred: Tue Aug 26, '08 8:07am PST 
You're lucky its the siblings... we get Snaffle suckling us! It's very cute but it also means you end up with a soggy, cat-breath scented t-shirt. I figure it's because he was abandoned / lost so young - he obviously wasn't weaned properly. The sucking / kneading behaviour is now known as "good kitten lovin'" in our household! smile