how long will my cat be mad at me???

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my sister was watching pie for 12 days in her apt. while i was away. she and her boyfriend took WONDERFUL care of her and gave me very funny daily updates (they called them "report cards"). anyway, i went to pick her up yesterday and she totally ignored me! worse, i had to put her in the carrier (which she absolutely hates). once we got home, she seemed fine, but this morning she was hiding under the bed - something she never does.

i should note that i've only had pie since april 1st and she's three years old. i don't really know her previous history.

i realize that she's probably a little traumatized, but i can't help take it personally! i keep thinking she must have been happier living with my sister. has anyone else experienced this? how long does it last?

thank you!!!

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Dear Pie's Meowmy:

First, my meowmy had to stop laughing in order to reply to this. PLEASE DO NOT WORRY......it is part of being owned by a cat that they will occasionally get "mad" at you. Cats are creatures of habit, and Pie having to leave her home was not in her routine, so she is just upset about that. She was just letting you know how she feels.....cats have NO trouble at "sharing their feelings".

She will be herself in no time, and your sweet kitty again. Keep us posted.

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Yes, don't worry, Pie is just making you suffer for a while and everything will be back to normal soon big grin

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Time to bring out her favorite treats and give her TLC while begging her forgiveness! It should take a day or so-depending on how hard you worship herwink


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The longest I ever stayed mad at Mommy was 3 days. (That was when she completely changed my litter to Feline Pine silenced.) She's just worried she will have to leave again. It means she loves her home. Treats and attention should help this resolve...


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my mommy is in the navy and only gets to come home to visit me and "dad" once a month or less. Sometimes I am so mad at her for not being home all the time that for a whole day I will ignore her! Then I can't stand it any longer and jump on her and purr purr purr and rub all over her cause I am happy she is home.
I am sure your cat will do the same once he is sure things are going to be ok.
Last month dad went to see mom and was gone a week! But we got to stay in our own home with his cousin and that worked out much better and no one was mad at him when he got back.


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You know, if it's your first time leaving her and you haven't had her for long, she's probably gonna be mad for a couple of days (I was really really mad at mom and dad for leaving me home with a sitter for a week, while they went to Hawaii two months after they got me home and settled), but every other trip will be easier on her. Why the last time meowmy left me home alone (Thanksgiving 07), I was climbing on her lap (which I hardly ever do) within an hour of mom being home. wink

For a while, meowmy would take me with on trips, because I was an only and very needy (she might not next time, because now I got a sister, and so she thinks I'll be less lonely). So you might want to see if she tolerates traveling, and then you can figure out whether it makes more sense to take her with. I've travelled all over the U.S. by car, and while I hate being in the carrier, I do okay in car rides as long as I'm free to roam around. smile


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Did your sister and her friend do anything special to "spoil" her while she was with them? You might check with them and then try the same strategy. Can't hurt. wink

She'll come around. Just keep up the treats, praise, and begging for forgiveness. Cats love that stuff.
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have someing similar 01/10/13

archie had a norm life walk in the hall yum yum num num water rubie .. and sleep with dady.. then i archie got sick and my dady go scared and i when to the vet i have not bin to a vet i 8 years and dady and me never wen to the vet ever ... the did so much to be shaved me put needal is me and xray meds in my arm and pills and then i came home and then the next day we did it all over again im so mad at him we cam home at 1pm and then at 8pm dady gave me mads noo noo noo i dont like this im so mad .... now i dady know thet he is mad i he has not eatin in two day not (num num or yum yums i will drink and pie)and hide from me i give him hugs .... how long will he be mad at me archie will now have meds 2x a day i hope he eat and stop being mad at me


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Like others posted, it's nothing to worry about. She will get over being mad at you for it smile Tia was mad at me when I left for two days and brought back another human + a dog on my return. Now she acts like she hates them when I'm around but I've heard that when I'm at work or asleep she loves attention from them lol