OMG!!! My Pregnant cat is having the worse mood swings I've ever seen!

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Elvira (In- loving- memory)

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I'm unfortunately pregnant. It's a long story but I will definately be spayed after this. This is my first litter meowma knows of and it will be my last.

Meowma says I'm very cranky since we have discovered me being pregnant. She read most cats are very affectionate... not me! I'm constantly growling at everybody!! Even meowmy (and I've never growled at her)...

I'm only about 4 1/2 wks pregnant right now. so I have a bit to go...

Meowma was wondering if anybody else ever had problems or knows of cats become very mean during pregnancy oppose to the "affectionate" cat that usually occurs...

Meowma says I've become impossible to live with! She says she won't get rid of me... and loves me... but its just driving her nuts!

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Well, nobody else is answering this, so I'll just offer a totally uneducated opinion. First of all, have you been investigating cat pregnancy on the Internet, or reading books that deal with the subject? Have you spoken to your vet? The truth is that, in this day and age of spay/neuter being the norm, less information is to be had regarding cat pregnancies. Probably the only people nowadays who are experts at this are professional breeders (and for argument's sake, let's make that what the CFA calls "hobby" breeders, the extremely conscientious and caring people who produce show cats and treasured pets). Vets nowadays know far more about preventing pregnancy than about assisting with it. Which is a shame, because there are always going to be pregnant cats, and some owners are always going to need advice, and, at times, medical help.

Anyway, regarding Elvira's mood swings. I remember reading on a breeder's site about how one should not be surprised if, when visiting a cattery, one or more of the queens (unaltered females) is having a "bad day" because of hormonal changes brought on by being in heat. I guess it's the kitty equivalent of PMS (now PMDD). We Human females know what a mess our hormones can make of us: from PMS to menopause, we are at the mercy of hormonal fluctuations. Personally, I (the Human behind the cat) have never been pregnant, but I assume that there are mood swings associated with pregnancy that don't just cause cravings for pickles and ice cream. So, I would, in my totally uneducated way, just assume that Elvira is having hormonal fluctuations that are driving the both of you wild.

But that IS the key--the hormonal fluctuations do seem to be on the extreme side, and they ARE driving you nuts. A trip to the vet would seem to be a good idea, just to rule out any overt health problems, although, as I wrote before, many present-day vets are woefully ignorant when it comes to cat pregnancies--and some are downright hostile. Still, things do seem to have come to an extreme, so I think you should have her examined.

Let us know how things progress--and we're all looking forward to an easy birth and healthy kittens who will be given super homes!

Elvira (In- loving- memory)

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Thanks Leila!

Yea it makes sense though because I have had 4 human children..

Just i wish she wasnt so grouchy! She was so sweet and now blah...


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Have you tried using Feliway to see if it helps her calm down some? Some cats get territorial and downright protective of their space when they are getting ready to have kittens and feel unsure about safety, so Feliway might help ease her anxiety some?