Self-Cleaning Litter box?

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We have Littermaids, two of them. They work to help keep the litter scooped out day to day, and we don't seem to have any problems with them. Mommie still cleans everything out totally every week, but enjoys not having to scoop in between times.

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I brought two natures miracle automatic litter boxes and I really like them a lot!!! I followed the directions about getting your cat use to them and it worked. I have two female cats one that is from the shelter and a mainecoon and they both run from noises. They got use to the boxes after a week. Now when they hear them go off they go running to c them. You just have to be patience because they are very easy!!! I love mine!!!!


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I have never owned a self cleaning litter box, but my sister has, and she had great luck with one for years. When she replaced it, the new one never did work right and she gave up. I have two Breeze litter boxes, and I LOVE them! Some people hate them, but so far, I love mine. I only have to change the pad once a week for Beep, and twice a week for Stephano and Taffy (they are together a lot so it gets peed in a lot), and then I have one litter box with feline pine in it in our spare room. It took a month before Beep would use the Breeze, but I left her regular box next to it and didn't make a big deal out of it. Then she started peeing in the Breeze but wouldn't poop. After a month, she finally pooped in it, and I left the regular box out for another couple of weeks until I was sure she was using it regularly. Taffy was scared of it at first, and I left an extra box next to it, but he came around. I think the cats like it because it is so much cleaner. But, I scoop it as soon as there is poop in it, if you are not one to scoop right away, you probably woudn't like the Breeze, but there is almost NO litter tracking! I love that about it! I love these litter boxes!


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I've posted about this time and time again. We had a ScoopFree. "HAD" being the operative word.

Coopurr can be a very curious, rough and tumble little boy. Add his intelligence quotient to that...and it's the perfect recipe for trouble.

Coop figured out pretty quickly that if he went in the box, the sensor would send the rake over the litter a few minutes later. Hence, he started going in the box, getting out...and WAITING until the rake went over the litter. And he didn't just watch it. It had to chase it.

What happened with aforementioned litter box? Coop kept chasing and chasing and pulling on the rake...until he finally BROKE it.

So if you have a curious, strong little boy...I'd say stay away from it.

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