Eating paper and kleenex

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Emily Rose

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My friend Mia is eating paper and kleenex. Her mommy and daddy have to make sure that there are no papers laying around. They have to push the kleenex's into the box or when they go to use one, they only get a half. Any ideas as to why Ms. Mia does this? What can my friend's parents to do stop her?


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Eating strange things like wool or cotton can also be a disorder of the cat's natural hunting behavior which is to stalk, pounce, tear off feathers and skin, and eat. Not only does skin and feathers pass through the cat's stomach, but the cat has an instinct to do the tearing and plucking before swallowing.

Some pet cats get compulsive about this part of the predatory sequence, tearing off feathers and skin bit by bit and swallowing it all. Since ordinary cat food gives no chance of tearing and ripping, the cat looks for this somewhere else. Cats will tear and rip and then eat wool, cotton, paper, cardboard, wicker baskets and electric cables. Some cats go out and steal soft toys, bring them home and tear them, imitating the whole hunting sequence with teddy bear prey!


http:// experts.about.com/q/Ask-Veterinarian-700/Paper-eating-cat.htm

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Chester was major into paper as a kitten, kleenex particulary. I would come home to boxes shredded on my floor (see his pics). I talked to the vet and the vet says he is seeing more and more cats with paper fixation and didn't see worried. Chester still loves paper (toliet paper is a biggie now for him) but he has grown out of eating it.


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Hunter really hit the nail on the head so, for the most part, I have very little to say. However, although this is common for many cats and rarely causes problems, be aware that an excess of paper products could possibly cause consitpation. Not something to worry about, just be aware of. Other than that, have fun!!!


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Just to be safe, you may want to ask your vet to do a blood test to check for liver problems. Pica (eating weird things) can be a symptom. If caught early, it's no big deal, but my kitty Small Change (pictured with my post) died of liver failure. It was slow and painful and I miss him terribly. It's worth the cost of a blood test to ensure that this isn't the problem. If I can save one kitty/human duo from the heartbreak we went through, it's worth all the posts in the world.