toilet training

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Big Purrin'- Kitty
Purred: Sat Sep 30, '06 1:21pm PST 
Has anyone tried toilet training for cats? How does it work? Tips?

Success? Problems?

Tell me everything please! I am peeing and pooping all over the house because I don't want to be near any of the other cats (or their little boxes) and it stinks, mom's miserable, and we need solutions. She's getting desperate.


THE cat of the- house
Purred: Mon Oct 16, '06 8:45am PST 
I'm wondering this myself. Mommy thought about it when she first got me but decided that if anything ever happened that I needed to be boarded it would not be a good situation.

But now Alley Kat has come to live with us and it is really more than mom can keep up with to take care of the litterboxes, and with Siam and India here it makes it a lot worse for Mom..... So, she is back to considering potty training.


I AM the- Corncake Fritter
Purred: Mon Oct 16, '06 2:44pm PST 
I'm not toilet trained, and neither is my sister, but I'm sure it would be alot easier on our mommy if we were. But nobody knows how to do about it. Plus, my sister is 12 and she probably would resist that training anyway.

Good luck, though, let me know how that works out if you find something!

Pooder (In- Loving- Memory)

Mr. Mellow or- the Teddy Bear
Purred: Wed Feb 21, '07 2:21pm PST 
Our Mommy and Daddy are going to try it. I'm not sure I'm up to this. Old dog/new tricks and all that but then, I'm a cat, not a dog. Our youngest sibling Elora seems the most apt to it thus far. The rest of us may just watch her lead.

This is the way Mommy explained it from the kit she got (a deluxe one because it's reusable and is okay for heavier kitties like me): LitterKwitter.

You get the kit and it comes with several stages either by tearing out a perferrated center or inserting different centers. You start with it on the floor. It looks like a toilet seat. You put the full center in (or don't tear any out) and put some litter in it. Kitty gets used to it there.

Step 2: You move it to the toilet, still with the full center. Kitty gets used to it there. (Be patient with your kitties, people! This will take some getting used to.)

Step 3: You remove the center most piece, or put in the center that has a small hole. Put litter around the sides. Kitty gets used to sitting differently to balance over that hole. Kitty also gets used to the sound of poo and pee hitting water. That's gonna be weird.

Step 4: You remove more of the center, or put in the next piece that has a bigger hole. Just a little litter around the edge. Kitty gets used to sitting with all four paws on the outside. Very weird. You remove the litter. Kitty gets used to that.

Step 5: You remove the center altogether. No litter, no anything but the outside edge of the kit that looks like a toilet seat. Kitty gets used to that.

Step 6: You remove the kit and kitty gets used to sitting on the toilet seat and doing its business in the toilet.

Step 7: You hypnotize the cat and teach it to flush! Hee hee! (I just added that last bit. I may be old, but I still have a sense of humor!)

Elora wrote about it in her diary, so she may keep writing about her progress. I will if I ever decide to use the darn thing.

JR Gixxer

Purrrrrrrfect- Gentleman
Purred: Sun Mar 10, '13 9:02am PST 
I'm on the last step of my toilet training!!