Urine smells and bad behavior

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Purred: Wed Apr 19, '06 8:02pm PST 
I have feline leukemia. I've had it since before I was part of my current family. For the past few months I've started peeing outside the box. I'm taking medication, and it works somewhat, but not all the time.

Mommy got married last month, and now we've moved into a new home. Yesterday I peed on the couch and Mommy's husband got really upset. Now it stinks, and they may have to get rid of it.

So I have two questions: first of all, can anyone recommend a great odor remover, especially one that works well on cat urine on a microfiber couch? We had a slipcover on it, so the actual damage to the couch is fairly minimal, but it still has a smell. Some products work better than others, and I was wondering if anyone had anything they had tried that worked.

Secondly, does anybody have any suggestions about medication or training that may help with my behavior problems? If I don't get better in four months I'll have to find a new home, and Mommy is very worried no one will be willing to take me. Of course, she's also quite sad that I might have to leave.

Any information you can give us will be greatly appreciated.


Danny Boy
Purred: Thu Apr 20, '06 7:12am PST 
Try Nature's Miracle. Actually, I think any ENZYME product will do.
Look at PetSmart and other pet supply stores.
Ask your vet for help with your health and behavior problems. And try to make your new Dad learn that sick kitties need special care and love, not to be sent away. Maybe he could talk to your vet, too?


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Danny took the words right out of my mouth. Good luck Taka. I hope your dad can be patient.

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Get some of those Feliway Diffusers and put in the rooms where you have had a problem. They are expensive, but last a month or more. Moving and marraige are a stressful time for kitties, and this behaviour may be just trying to get attention, or marking new surroundings. The diffusers emit a smell we humans cannot smell, but it acts as a calmitive to cats. I have used it for about 5 years, and can tell when they start to run dry, because the cats act different.


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Purred: Fri Apr 21, '06 6:39pm PST 
Thanks for your suggestions! We found out about Feliway online, and we're going to get some tomorrow. Hopefully it will have a significant effect.

I have been doing better lately. We had one more incident yesterday, but none today. I am hoping that time and patience will solve the problem.

The couch has been given up for lost, however. The smell just won't come out. Even enzyme-based cleaners can't take it away fully. We'll be using a plastic slipcover on the new couch until we're sure my bad behavior is under control.


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Purred: Fri Apr 21, '06 6:49pm PST 
Taka, I don't think you're behaving "bad". I think you're behaving "sick".
Take good care of yourself and your Mom, okay?