I gave Auntie quite the scare!

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Purred: Thu Mar 30, '06 3:43am PST 
This morning Auntie woke up with a sweet-tooth and decided to get a bowl of marshmellows.

She had one and found out that they were as hard as a rock! She went ahead and decided to put them down the disposable. So, she poured them in the sink and moved the bowl to the other side.

She then turned the water on and shooed me away several times (Along with picking me up, and putting me on the ground) because I kept trying to get in the sink.

She then turned over to turn the disposable on (The switch is a few feet away, so she had to leave the sink unattended) she turned around and quickly grabbed me as I was jumping up to get in the sink (she scared me, too, and I fell right off! She caught me before my paws even came off the counter, though).

Then she began pushing the marshmellows down the disposable. She shooed me away again a few times and then turned around to turn the disposable off.

She heard me jump up, though, and whipped around. I was already standing in the sink and my head was an inch away from the disposable!

Her heart was beating so fast and she quickly lunged after me, and put her hand RIGHT in front of my face to cover the disposable. Then she spanked my bootie (Which isn't like her) and I quickly whipped around and go outta the sink.

Although, I still sat on the chair in front of the counter/sink to watch her finish up.

She gave me lots'a cuddles and said she was sooo sorry for whoopin' my bootie, but she just acted so fast because I scared her. She told me she wubbed me berry much and that she just got scared I was gonna get hurt. She also said that she was just happy nothin' happen to me

I'm sorry, Auntie! That thingy was makin' a ton'a noises, though.

Oh, yeah. Before she left the sink, she put the plug in the disposable side, too.

-- Buddy, The Kitty Who Almost Could'a Been Killed


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Purred: Wed Apr 5, '06 2:58pm PST 
I have done something similar. I get on the counter and start rubbing. I have rubbed the switch and accidently turned it on. I dind't know I did it though. so I went to the source of the noise. Mommy got to me first. Now it has tape over it so that I won't do it again. I get sprayed with a water bottle if I get on the counter. Mommy doesn't like the hair on the dishes or food. Go figure.

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Purred: Wed Apr 5, '06 4:08pm PST 
Yep, our disposal has tape over it too! I have heard there is a brand that only turns on when the stopper is engaged, no switch, but how would the water get down past it? Does anyone else have one like that? We are so glad your Auntie was quick.


Purred: Wed Apr 5, '06 6:05pm PST 
You sneaky cat, you! MOL

Hmm.. never heard of that before! Auntie's the only one that uses the disposable, though, so the plug usually stays in the drain. MOL.

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Purred: Thu Apr 6, '06 4:16pm PST 
AAAAAH!! Buddy watch out for that disposal!! You should stay off the kitchen counter anyway, it's dangerous!! If ya wanna go counter surfing, try the bathroom. It's more fun! You can knock over pill bottles and water glasses and hairspray bottles and brushes to get to the sink! I like to hang out by the sink. Since our tap drips, I try to drink from it! No harm there. Only Mommy's frustration. All the pill bottles are capped tightly, so I knock 'em over along with hair burshes and mirrors and rinse cup/water glasses!
*sings* And we'll have fun fun fun til the mommy takes the water away!

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Purred: Fri Apr 7, '06 5:42am PST 
poor auntie,,, mommsie always says if it saves a life a little whop on the bum ok.. but I have never had one,, but our grandsonie has... it is the noise, sounds like a thousand miceys in there... you stay away,, now... thank goodness you ok Blue