Too much love for the laptop

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Professor Meow- Meow
Purred: Sat Mar 18, '06 7:11pm PST 
Hello, I just got a new notebook, and the cat keeps rubbing on it like it was his cardboard box? How can I pursude him that this is a bad idea? Its not like I can squirt him... not that it ever made a difference, or that i ever squirted him more than once.
I really just cant afford t0 have him break it He pretty much has free rien over everything I own. My desktop is his bed... Lol I've given him all the attention that I can..

Any advice would be great, thanks

Azurine- Ambrosia

Purred: Sun Mar 19, '06 1:07pm PST 
He is marking the new item, it is important anything new that comes into the house we mark. I always doing that , I hates mommsie to move anything,,, with out my permission, I give her the cat look when she does and she says "deal with It" I do I trys to drag it back where it should be.. I would use it where he cannot get when you are working and put it where he cannot get to it when you are not.. he thinks it is his, cause we know everything you bring home is ours meowsssssssBluie


Following in my- Dad's pawprints
Purred: Sun Mar 19, '06 2:00pm PST 
Not to worry - laptops are made to used. You would be amazed at the testing they go through. Your kitty will not hurt it.

My Mom works for a puter company, so she knows. She has 2 laptops and a desktop, and we mess with them all.

That's what cats are for?

Nova -- In Loving- Memory

Equal- Opportunity- Kitten
Purred: Mon Mar 20, '06 7:04am PST 
I can't imagine anything your kitty would do to break your laptop unless it was really fragile. My mommy kitty has a standard Dell laptop for work and if I want attention while she is working I sit on the keyboard!