Why does my cat keep putting his toys by his food dish

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the shy one
Purred: Sat Mar 18, '06 1:11pm PST 
I like to "drown" my mousies in my water dish too! My mom also has no idea why I do this but I am so happy to hear are so many of you out there who do similar things!

Austin- Valentino- loving- memory

Nothing But The- BEST
Purred: Sat Mar 18, '06 2:08pm PST 
Thank you everyone for trying to help me out. I guess I was just concerned about my new habit. Before I lost my brother I never put anything by my food....maybe cuz he was always eating right next to me and there wouldn't have been any room for my toys. hee hee. Sounds to me that you are all just so adorable and that when you do it --is is to show your non-furry parent/parents that you aren't just cute to look at but you do cute things too! Thanks to all for making me feel better and not that I am an insecure baby. I do get lots of love but I guess without my brother I get lonely when mom is gone....my adopted brother is usually here but I hate him more than anything on earth--and I am afraid of him. Life used to be so good to me...I know that my mommy cries for me cuz she understands my pain. Looking forward to hearing from everyone again or even new furry friends. Best to all...Luv and purrs---Austin aka Boo-boo-kitty

Booker T- a.k.a Da- Book

Three is the- magic number.
Purred: Sat Mar 18, '06 8:05pm PST 
I don't put my toys in my bowl but I like to splash water everywhere with my paws. Am I playing? Do I need a bath? Or do I like to upset my mommy? She gets really annoyed!


I fetch,- therefore I am.

Purred: Sun Mar 19, '06 3:15am PST 
Well, mice are food, right? And food goes in the bowl, right? Seems perfectly logical to me! smile

Kate--catnip tea??

Azurine- Ambrosia

Purred: Sun Mar 19, '06 1:03pm PST 
tell your mommsie she is lucky I try to drown mine in the water dish,, she says it is cause it is a cat's nature to hide their food , so they can have it later... and you think they are your food.. Bluie

Nexus -- In Loving- Memory

If I had it my- way we'd nap- here 24/7
Purred: Mon Mar 20, '06 7:07am PST 
I'm reasonably sure this is because cat's "Pack eat" in the wild. They want to have other cats who they feel like are in their pack eat with them. Sometimes these are our stuffe mice, sometimes these are our humans. We don't like to eat without our humans in the room. It's a perfectly normal cat thing though. My bro Quasar used to take him mouses everywhere!

Princess - Queen of- Kitties

I was love- personified, now- I'm an Angel
Purred: Tue Mar 21, '06 1:27pm PST 
I used to put my beloved toy micies in my water dish -- unfortunately they would get totally unglued and the water would get scuzzy -- so I finally wised up and started putting them in Meowmie's shoozies.

Oh how I LOOOVED my toy micies!! I would sing to them "Mrrrrow!!!"Mrroooowww! Meee-yow!!!!" and I would carry them to Meowmie and drop them on the floor and look at her and she would give me a Pouncie.

Now one of my FAVORITE mousies lies sweetly on top of my liddle urn, and the other one is in my liddle bed, which no one else uses anymore.

I am sorry you lost your brudder -- He is very sweet -- we chased giggling sparkly butterflies the other day, Up Here.

Oh, hee hee... One day when Meowmie came home she found my toy micies all lined up... and anudder not-a-toy mousie next to them. She was very impressed by my creative gift arrangement.

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