I'm Out Of Control!

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It's the Kister!
Purred: Sun Mar 12, '06 8:02am PST 
Don't get me wrong... I'm not a "bad boy" and my mom would NEVER get rid of me... but I am a bit out of control.

Whenever mom is asleep or out of the room I'll jump up on the kitchen counters and rip up the paper towels. THE ENTIRE ROLL!!!!


If mom has a project (like a poster board) I'll chew on the edges of it.

I don't bite people or scratch people. I'm good when it comes to that. I don't have a bad temper... but I'm a little bit out of control.

Are there any suggestions that would help me to correct my problems?

Azurine- Ambrosia

Purred: Sun Mar 12, '06 1:00pm PST 
How does he access your counter top, jump from the floor or by jumping on a chair then the counter top.. when Bluie was little I pulled all the chairs away from the counter top so she could not get up there, it was a pain but after a month went by I left them there and she has never jumped back again.. if he can just make the jump then try putting something that makes a noise up there that can scare him a little. they sell a little motion machine on most cat store web sites, some people put aluminum foil crumpled up ,they say it helps... and maybe put the paper towel away at night, seems to be his object, not sure why he chews on your posters, except he is a little jealous of the time you spend on them.. I take mommsie pencils when her do crosswords, cause I not like her ignoring me , I a cat , I can ignore her but her not ignore me..


Here comes- trouble
Purred: Mon Mar 13, '06 3:01pm PST 
Hey Kiwi m'man. Sounds like your bored. Does your mom rotate your toys every other day or so?

Quasar -- In Loving- Memory

Purred: Wed Mar 15, '06 6:56am PST 
Tell your mom to try getting some plasic placemats and covering them with double stick tape. Then she should put them on the counter before bed and make sure they are still nice and sticky. You will not want to jump up there if it is sticky. Sometimes foil or saran wrap works, but it only took me like 4 days to figure out that all that stuff could be moved and actually made a really fun toy.


Leave me alone,- I'm sleeping
Purred: Wed Mar 15, '06 7:20am PST 
There is a spray out there that if they bite anything that you spray it on, they will get a bitter taste in their mouth and learn not to bite/chew. You can find it in almost any pet store. I hope this works.


Here comes- trouble
Purred: Wed Mar 15, '06 11:19am PST 
Quasar and Ashley - excellent ideas!! Way to go!


From Now On,- You'll Do as I- Say
Purred: Thu Mar 16, '06 9:22pm PST 
I like paper and cardboard too!

Mom has taken to graciously "giving" me paper grocery bags to play in, and if I'm really good I'll get empty boxes to chew on too! Having my own stuff to destroy helps me stay away from her stuff..


Pai Mei

Purred: Sat Mar 18, '06 5:32am PST 
Sounds like my mother and Maxwell's think alike by giving us our very own plastic bags, paper sheets (or balls!) and cardboard boxes to swat at, chew, and play with. I'm somewhat of an uncomformist, though, and love going for my things ... and Mom's!


NOOOOO! let me- do it!
Purred: Sat Mar 18, '06 6:25am PST 
Mom had to share the paper towel incident...My mother keeps lots of paper towels in a locked cabinet (I am a thief). Whenever she opens it up to get something, I would sneak in without her knowing and munch and munch. She went in to get a new roll and discovered that at least a dozen rolls of paper towels looked like confetti! I had destroyed every roll like a little mouse! To satisfy my paper obsession, I get a new coffee filter every morning. Delicious!

Nova -- In Loving- Memory

Equal- Opportunity- Kitten
Purred: Mon Mar 20, '06 7:10am PST 
We do agree that shredding rolls of paper is probably a "cat thing". Mom and dad leave a sacraficial roll of TP in the guest bathroom for me to shred so I will leave the master bath TP be. If I have my own that is OK, I know to leave the off limits stuff alone.