Axle better shape up soon, or ...

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Azurine- Ambrosia

Purred: Sat Mar 11, '06 10:17am PST 
as the doggie whisper says, he is getting what he wants...
I have been lucky with Bluie, she sleeps throught the night but she was not allowed to roam the house til she was 6 months old, she went to bed in her crate when we did, she had toys,blankets,food,water and litter.. sounds like your little one knows your buttons for sure.. he knows just how to make you holler.. to bad he does not understand he may be losing his best friend if he keeps it up.
Baby gates,animal gates are good. they rarely jump over them. They can see you but not get close , it also keeps then a distance from a closed door.. you could probably play all day with him and he will still seek your attention at night. cats are nocturnal..
Most likely he will his carrier if you use it to trap him per say.
Do you have a crate, large cage for like a dog.. med size .
Can you put him in it with all his favorite things, food,water,litter,toy bed and put it in the farest room from your bedroom.. cover the cage with a blanket to encourage rest not play.. he has a few toys if he gets bored. He will holler for a few nights.. but if you DO NOT go to him until morning, then he will learn quickly.. when you go to let him out in the morning, praise him highly, what a good boy,, give him treats , do this over and over and hug him... you will be surprised how this works.. also have some one show you how to trim the nails, quite easy, just not to short.. or put the soft paws on him good luck


Yumm ... fingers- ...
Purred: Sat Mar 11, '06 12:35pm PST 
The bigger crate idea is a good one. I tried crate training with Rubi and it just did not work--I never pursued it since she house trained SO quickly. And she hates her crate, so she'd never go in it. I will do that!

It's so hard with a cat--not that dogs are easy, but the "pack" mentality makes it so much easier to communicate with them. Cats are more like "yeah? so what?"


Make way for- me!
Purred: Sat Mar 11, '06 2:15pm PST 
Yeah, and that blazing streak of independance is why so many people are so intrigued by cats!
That crate idea sounds like a good one. Once I was about 7 or 8 months old, I learned to sleep at night like my humans do. Maybe Axel will too!
Hugs for Axel.

Xerox- (1999-2016)- ✟

I only play dumb
Purred: Mon Mar 13, '06 1:57pm PST 
You may think this is crazy, but have you thought of adopting another kitten for him to play with? It might double your trouble...or be just the thing.

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