Countertop lover!

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Purred: Fri Jul 22, '05 8:13pm PST 
I love countertops! I even sometimes eat on them! (that's only on special occasions , though)


Head of- household
Purred: Fri Jul 22, '05 10:54pm PST 
I love countertops too! But I'm not allowed to eat on them. That doesn't stop me from trying to sneak the occasional bite of human food, though. By the way, tinfoil and sticky tape don't scare me one bit. All the sticky tape did was make a mess of the countertop when my mom decided to remove it.

Tommy The Cat

No slobbery dog- kisses - Please.......
Purred: Sat Jul 23, '05 11:12pm PST 
I like to get on the counter top If mom has left the top off the butter dish..........I love butter. Mom says I'm gross. She always knows when I've been in the butter cause she has to clean it off my face. Its just sooooooooo yummy any one like to eat butter to?


If all else- fails I'll bite- you.
Purred: Mon Jul 25, '05 5:54am PST 
I love countertops, my roomie cat Munson taught me how to jump from the bar stools onto the counter and we're both very good at not getting caught too often but we make our fair share of slip ups. Mom caught me on the counter sniffing the deep fryer (luckily it's lid was on tight so all I could do was smell it.) She is glad too that i didn't knock it over, that oil would have made a mess for sure!

We both also know it's wrong. When we're caught we get sprayed with water and are told "No!" Half the time the minute we see we've been caught we scamper off and hide before we can get sprayed.

I can't say as I like butter, though.


I'm just here to- be adored!
Purred: Fri Jul 29, '05 9:52am PST 
I have just learned the beautiness of countertops!
My roommates ARE NOT impressed!

Ya know, sometimes you just need a higher veiw. They just
can't understand that.

I'm very sneaky and I know I'm not supposed to go up there, I just
wait until they leave the room. It's become quite a game around here. TEEHEHEHEE.

They leave the room and I listen with my super sonic hearing to make sure they aren't just around the corner waiting for me to make my move. When I know it's save I take a leap. When I hear them coming I just jump down in the same position I was in when they left and I look at them like what? what's the matter?

Only this isn't fool proof because I think they hear me make a thud when I jump down into the same position as when they left -- have to work on being a little more quiet.

They really really hate this.


I'm just here to- be adored!
Purred: Fri Jul 29, '05 10:52am PST 
This is Saffron's girl roommate... don't let her know that I'm on here but I just found THIS .

Kind of pricey but very interesting.

Has anyone tried this product?

SSSsshhhh don't tell her I was here.


Celly Belly, so- full of Jelly!
Purred: Sat Jul 30, '05 10:05am PST 
I love counter tops! So does my sister Botan. Chance really doesn't go on it, he knows better and Kero can't jump that high, his legs are too stubby. Grandma doesn't like us going on it... she always yells at us. Saying we leave little kitty paw prints. I go on it anway. =^_^= Meow.

Honey- (9/05/2005)

I am the- tail-less kitty- of cutness
Purred: Sat Jul 30, '05 3:23pm PST 
I never get on the counters at my mommy's house.... but at my grandma's house I LOVED her counters! Especially because the dogs couldn't get up there (so fun to torture)!

I think the clear tape idea mentioned earlier is a really good idea, us kitty's HATE sticky stuff on our feet.

Grandma once in an attempt to keep me off her new stove pilled up walls of pans around it. It was very comical. I climbed over them and sat inside the little tower of pans. big grin


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