Destroying toilet paper

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Mom, where did- my toys go?
Purred: Wed Mar 22, '06 6:38pm PST 
My momma has the same problem..the only thing she could think of too is to shut the door. Otherwise...it's fair game for me!


Professor Meow- Meow
Purred: Wed Mar 22, '06 8:41pm PST 
My humans landlord was too much of an @&^@&^@ to give her a roll. But she put its next to a basket of shells that clink and make a lot of noises if I tip it over so I wont try so hard to get to it. But if she leaves in on the washer, then its fair game! (i like to knock it in the toilet and laugh when she has to pick it out, or mix it into the washer when shes not looking to see it ball up on her clothing!) haha MOL sucka!


Sleep is for- wimps!
Purred: Thu Mar 23, '06 3:59pm PST 
All three of us will destroy ANY type of paper if we can get it (TP, paper towels, newspaper, bills and homework-hehe). My mom has to put the TP in clear plastic containers that snap shut (sterilite/rubbermaid type) .

P.S. Someone mentioned putting a rubber band around the roll? Please be wary of rubber bands around kitters and pups. Our vet says rubber bands are one of the items she most often has to remove surgically from curious housepets :-(

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Purred: Mon Apr 10, '06 8:25pm PST 
I personally like the paper towels in the kitchen. heehee

R.I.P~- Snickers!~&h- earts;

~♥Gone But- Still Here In- owr Heart
Purred: Tue Apr 11, '06 6:38pm PST 
Mesage from Snickys Mommy: My cuz has a cat that loves to clim the x-mas tree so thay touk some kiann pepers and put them neer the tree and it worked! I gess you could try it on the TP! Good luck!

Orca The- Killer- Kitten

It's a tux thing
Purred: Fri Apr 14, '06 6:06am PST 
Oh I love toilet paper. Better yet paper towels!!! I can shred a roll in a matter or seconds. Then I have to scatter little pieces all over the house. But unfortunatly I am not given that chance very often. My mom has shelves on the wall behind the toilet. They put the roll up there and normally in a spot where I can't reach it if I am sitting on the sink. I have come to except that that is where it should be. Now if they happen to have left it on the sink it is fair game. I don't touch the paper towels if they are on the dispenser in the kitchen. But anywhere else they are MINE!!!! Once I opened up the cupboard under the bathroom sink and saw the toilet paper stored there and one roll of paper towels. It made sense to me that the toilet paper should be under there but I didn't think the paper towels belonged so disposed of them....Hummm maybe that is why they lock up the extra's now.

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