I don't cover up my poo!

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I'm a spolied- kitty!
Purred: Tue Jun 21, '05 4:26pm PST 
When I go potty in the litterbox, I never cover up my waste. Mommy gets upset at me, but I try to cover it up (I just don't scratch at the litter, I scratch at the wall, the floor, the wooden stand, everything but the litter!) How can I learn to cover up my poo with the litter?

Moses ( In- loving- memory )

Mister Moses
Purred: Fri Aug 12, '05 2:33pm PST 
Meow Sirius .. doesn't your human know that you are marking your territory? They prolly think that you don't need to mark out in the home, but this is not true. Tell Mommy to put your litter in a different place for a few weeks, and that it might help.

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Purred: Mon Aug 15, '05 12:00pm PST 
I also scratch at everything around my "waste". I'll sit in there and scratch and scratch and scratch! I love it! I do eventually get it covered though. I just really like to scratch. I've been know to just go in the litterbox to scratch and not even go potty.


Purred: Thu Sep 8, '05 12:00am PST 
You mean...you are supposed to cover it? Oh my. I'm dreadfully embarrassed.

Robert Smith

Robert Smith-the- Love Cat
Purred: Thu Sep 8, '05 8:06am PST 
I'm six years old and I've never managed to cover my poo! I also scratch everything but the litter. I had a difficult first year as a stray, so I never learned the finer points of litter box use. My owners bought me a covered litter pan and that helps with the odour of uncovered "stuff" and gives me more surface to scratch on. My lovely (now deceased) friend Peaches would cover it for me because she was so disgusted with me.

Lucie (In- Loving- Memory)

Lucie-lu, the- Puffball-Poo
Purred: Thu Sep 8, '05 5:01pm PST 
What's the big deal? Now that my Mommie finally had the good sense to put my litter box in the bathroom, she flushes my poo down the commode, so it's not a problem. . .

Bootzie - **Rainbow- Bridge**

This Rainbow- kitty loves- Patches
Purred: Thu Sep 8, '05 5:10pm PST 
Hi Lucie,
Well lets see..Felica has never covered and scratches everything but the litter.
Mylo does pretty well, and so does Gys.
I was so big I missed the box completely!
Mom read it's b/c the kitties don't like that particular litter, but after reading all of these posts, I wonder....

Crunch (In- Memory)

Pet me more- please.
Purred: Mon Oct 24, '05 11:01am PST 
Both my brother and I were firmly against covering anything in the litter box. We liked to put on a good show for the humans and spent at least five minutes scratching at everything but the litter. The way we see it is, it's our poop and we'll do what we want with it. Our human learned to deal with it and the way she see's it...at least we're pooping in the litter box!

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Purred: Mon Oct 24, '05 11:10am PST 
So true, Crunch! I never cover up my poop. Mom laughs because she can always tell when I'm in the litter box because she can hear me pawing and scratching at the wall, the litter bag, anything but the litter itself.

Midnight Helen

Merlin - An Angel- Forever

Purred: Sat Oct 29, '05 11:33am PST 
Meows, I do not cover up my poop either. I will scratch the sides of my box and wipe my feet on the rug outside my litter box but I will not cover up my poop. I have trained my Human to cover it up for me, mol.

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