I still don't quite know how I feel about humans...any help?

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Princess Di
Purred: Sat Nov 5, '05 7:15am PST 
Hello, I'm a rescue cat who used to live outdoors and is feral. I've made a lot of progress--I will let my human caretaker pet me sometimes, but other times I positively flee. I still have HUGE problems getting picked up and will only take treats from her hand on the rarest of occasions. Has anyone worked with feral cats before--have any tips?


Little Pink- Nosies Rule!
Purred: Sat Nov 5, '05 9:23am PST 
Hi, Diana!
It's a BIG transition going from feral to being an indoor cat. It will take some time before you will trust humans. Remember how some of them treated you while you were on your own?
Don't worry, with all the love you've been getting, I'm sure you'll be fine. Maybe ask your humans to not try to pick you up and so on, and let YOU decide what kind of contact you want. It might take a long time, but it'll be worth it!


Puuuulleeaaassss- e
Purred: Sun Nov 6, '05 9:07pm PST 
Hello Diana,

Humans can be good i tell ya! I wasn't feral but once humom rescued a kitten that was. She was such a fitter bitter hisser scracth run and hider that humom named her Church from a movie! Humom did some searchin on the web and found a coupel ways to tame ze beast within! The one that worked best for her was the hungry method!

It sounds mean but it's really not and vet's ok'd it. She would hide all the food and never leave any out for Chruch to find. Then she would put some in a dish and come find Church. She made sure Church got a wiff of the food smell and then she'd sit there. Of course church refused for a couple days but it wasn't long before She started to inch out and eat. Sometimes humom felt bad and would go in after her and bring her to the dish but Church would always run back away. But if she wouldn't eat with humom sitting there then she got no food!

When Church would eat humom would talk very nice and quiet to her and tentivly pet her. Church began to realize that humom=food and food always = good so humom must = good too! After a couple weeks Church jumped up on the couch and curled up next to humom for a nap. Church soon warmed up to the other human in the house. But when strangers came over she still would hide, specially if it was loud. But thats ok humom didnt mind. Church slept with her in bed under the covers next to her armpit every night!

It's too bad Church got very sick and isnt with us anymore, humom loved her alot! It's a process but a well worthy process to tame a feral cat into a very loving baby! Good luck!

Buddy- ♥- Angel

Kitty Einstein
Purred: Mon Nov 7, '05 12:56am PST 
Hi! I probably wasn't a feral cat, but I was a stray cat once. It took months for me to trust my human friend who was later to become my meowmie. At first I just came into the yard where she lived and stayed quite a ways away staring at her. After time went by I came closer. She wanted to pet me but I would have none of it.

A couple of months went by and when summer came she would sit on the porch and "talk" to me when I came to visit. Finally one day when she reached out I didn't run away--I let her touch me! It felt pretty good, so I let her do it some more. In the days that passed, I would sit with her on the porch and let her pet me. It was wonderful! Much later, when she got married, she took me with her to her new home!

Anyway, I think there's hope that you will feel more comfortable with your meowmie as time goes on. Don't give up hope smile

Willow- 2000~2014

Purred: Tue Nov 8, '05 5:12pm PST 
I was a stray cat, adopted from the animal shelter and it took about a two years before I felt really comfortable with my humans! Now I am a cuddle bug and love to sit on laps and be pet! So don't give up hope!

Pea- (2003-2007)

Life's short.
Purred: Tue Nov 8, '05 7:09pm PST 
i was a feral kitten, and it took time, but my human and i get along well now, but i don't like strangers. don't much like being held either. and i'm NOT a lap cat!
pickles, i like your humans approach to taming the wild beast. it did sound kinda mean at first, but after you described it, it sounded like a truely fantastic idea! and it worked! i'm sorry church is no longer with you...