Milo's Training

This is a place to gain some understanding of cat behavior and to assist people in training their cats and dealing with common behavior problems, regardless of the method(s) used. Keep in mind that you may be receiving advice from other cat owners and lovers...not professionals. If you have a major problem, always seek the advice of a trainer or behaviorist!

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Purred: Fri Nov 4, '05 9:53am PST 
*Takes a bow* Thank you, thank you!
My grand daddy use to say cats don't do tricks, so thats when my mommy decided to teach me some new tricks! He was amazed just by the simple "sit". Now he doesn't say anything about how "cats can't do tricks" anymore.
She's giving me a break on training, sense I have to go to the vet in a couple of weeks.

I *do* have an agent! My mom! Mol!

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