Speaker Disaster

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My cat Ebony has been clawing up my boyfriend's speakers, she didn't do this until about a month after we moved in together. She was fine when i had her but everything of his she MUST DESTROY. Now he wants to get new speakers, with covers. And when we live in a house put the plant we've "hidden" in the computer room into the living room. Anything I can do to fix the cat problem? I tried asking LiveJournal community Cat Lovers and i unjoined when i got 8 replies saying to dump my boyfriend :S. Any MATURE suggestions from Catster?

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I like the 'dump the boyfriend' idea. LOL

Our mommy trims our claws, and some cats have had luck with 'soft paws' (see the 'Tips, Tricks & Help' board).

Speakers can be put up on pedistals or shelves so that they are out of reach. Don't they make covers for them that aren't cloth?

Hanging planters are nice, just don't put them too close to a table or other launching site. ;-)

Good luck!
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We found a good article about clawing:


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Two words:

Scratching post.

Also since kitty seems to be after all your bf's stuff, look into that as well. Mabye he is jealous.. ?

as a fellow audiophile I can understand the ire associated with scratching up expensive and valueable speakers....


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I'm with Cedric ... sounds like Ebony is jealous of the new "roomie" (who maybe took Ebony's spot in the bed?).

At any rate, Ebony is opposed to objects that smell like your boyfriend ... and speakers are tempting for a cat. I would try covering the speakers with something that smells like you for a while. Drape a dirty tee shirt over each speaker ... the dirtier the better ... one you've worn to the gym or out working in the yard would be best. Then the speakers will be covered with YOUR scent. Leave it that way for a few days and the speakers should smell like you, instead of like the BF's former abode. That might help.


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Also, double sided tape. I hate it! You can get a bunch of it (they sell it in pet stores) and put it on the part of the speaker that kitty is clawing. We just hate that sticky feeling on our paws, so it might help.


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My cat loves to go after my speakers (well, the grill cloth at least) She also loves to go after my vinyl record collection... I suppose that rows of cardboard spines are hard to resist. Scratching posts, those cardboard scratching things, etc. didn't do anything to curb this behavior.

I found some destroyed speakers in the garbage (maybe even hit up your local goodwill and get some busted speakers that are around the same size) and I brought home the grill covers home and placed them right in front of my speakers so now she goes after those. I also draped a sheet over my records. Neither is a particularly aesthetically pleasing solution, but my records and speakers are intact and neither was a very difficult or expensive solution.

As we all know, cats are clever. Turtle goes after these things when she wakes up (usually aroun 4:30am) because she knows that she will immediately have my attention. Now that she can't scratch my speakers or records, she's decided to start tearing posters off my walls. I haven't figured out how to stop that yet.

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I am going to have to recommend the soft paws. My mom puts them on me and they work great! I can't tear things up. The only thing is if I get them into an existing hole then I could tear that more but other than that they would work great. I do like the "make the speakers smell like you" idea. That might work as well.

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I agree with what Hattie said. I used double-sided tape to teach Alex not to scratch my furniture. It worked great for us and it doesn't leave any kind of residue or discoloration.

The thing to keep in mind is that your kitty needs to scratch something in order to keep her claws, legs, and back healthy. If she doesn't already have one, she needs some sort of scratching post. My older kitty likes the cardboard scratchers that you lay on the floor. My young kitty likes a vertical post better. If you go with a vertical one, it needs to be sturdy enough that she can lean her whole weight into it and taller than she is when she reaches all the way up.