I like to eat tinsel and ribbon!

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My mom made me write this... She wants to know if there is any way to make me not like tinsel and plastic ribbon so much! I love it, though! If I find any type of tinsel or ribbon (like the kind that comes on presents) I eat it... Yum, but mom says it's very bad for me! She tries to make sure there is never any lying around but if there is even a single piece, I will find it!


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I think the only thing your Mom can do is hide these kinds of things in a drawer or cabinet that you are not able to open.
Don't you wish there were chew toys for cats? (Dogs seem to get everything!)

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I don't eat tinsel and ribbon although that does sound pretty tempting....my weakness is plastic bags, like the kind you get at the grocery store. I'm like you, if there is anything like that around I'll find it. It's just fun to chew on!

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If you like plastic bags, you should command your humans to get you a Kitty Cruiser. My mom got me one at Petco. It's a long tube of crinkly plastic. I like to hang out in mine or use it as a staging area for attacks on my mom or my big, dumb brother.

Mom was hesitant to buy one for me because it costs money and I generally go for cheap toys, like aluminum foil and shadows. I love my Kitty Cruiser though. It's the best toy I've ever had, not counting Alex.

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Oh, Sneakers! I, too, share your passion for ribbon & tinsel! Have you tried straw? It's delicious as well!
Every Christmas mom & I get in big fights about eating the ribbon off of the packages beneath the tree. The only thing that stopped me was her taking them all off the packages & hiding the ribbon from me.
It sounds a bit drastic, however, she was really worried I would make myself very sick.


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Marina's mom here. I am not a vet. I did ask my vet about this because Marina has this problem as well. If it is a string of any kind she will eat it. The vet said this is a very common problem and they do lots of surgeries on kitties that ate string and had problems. So I asked, "What is the longest the string can be before I have to worry about problems?" The vet said he had never done surgery on a cat for a string that was less than 18 inches.

I'm sure kitties can get hurt on string that is much shorter. I don't say this to encourage letting the kitties eat string, rather to give you an idea of what to look for in the house. I still cut shorter pieces of string off freying carpet and try to keep all threads and ribbons away from Marina but I'm not stressing over it anymore because I know what to look for.

Good luck with that tinsel problem.